Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Building The Chirping Frog- Part 22

I am still pinching myself that this is really happening.  I've always dreamed of owning a shop someday but never really thought it'd happen.  Here we are a few short months from opening our doors and every day I'm awed and totally inspired by this adventure.  Cannot thank my hubby enough for all his hard work and for making this dream a reality.  

Things are really coming together and before you know it we'll be opening The Chirping Frog, an antiques & more mall with lots of vintage, antiques and collectibles, furniture, home decor, re-purposed items and inspiration galore.  It's so exciting!

Here's a peek at what's been happening this week:

The always glamorous trash removal.  We've been piling everything in this corner and now it's time for our first trip to the dump.  

Jason's new trailer works so much better than the version we've constructed in year's past for  other building projects.  

 Lots of little, yet necessary tasks have been taken care of this week.  Things like prepping the downspouts for gutters, cleaning the place out so the ceiling can get installed, blocking for the cabinetry in the employee area and removing excess dirt in the parking lot so we can get started on that.

All through construction people have said the building's "huge" and I've never really thought so, until I had to sweep it.  I now agree, it is huge!

You can see the wall board in the background.  Won't be long now.

 That's the cleanest it's been since we poured the floor!

After sweeping we had to mark the floor where the wiring goes so they could cut the ceiling panels as they install.

I started papering the bathroom doors as well using old antique price guides that my grandfather gave me.

The exterior lights have been installed.

Would you look at that!  It really brightens things up to get that white ceiling in there.  Lookin' good.

Today the gutters are going on.  Tomorrow the ceiling will be done and insulation can start.  Things are progressing so nicely.  Each day it looks more and more like a finished product and I get even more excited!
Here's a peek back at how far we've come:
  • Part 1- Clean-up
  • Part 2- Dirt Work
  • Part 3- Tons of Rock & Footings 
  • Part 4- Foundation Walls
  • Part 5- Foundation Walls Poured
  • Part 6- Forming Bathroom Walls
  • Part 7- Bathroom Walls Poured
  • Part 8- Rock, rock and more rock!
  • Part 9- Concrete Floor Pour
  • Part 10- Clean-up
  • Part 11- Framing is Underway
  • Part 12- Trusses
  • Part 13- Trusses Are Up
  • Part 14- Metal Started on Roof
  • Part 15- Roof and Concrete Wainscoting
  • Part 16- More Carved Concrete and Pine Log Entry gets installed  
  • Part 17- Concrete gets stained, doors installed and grouted, still working on getting us closed up.  
  • Part 18- Framing interior walls.
  • Part 19-Miscellaneous projects
  • Part 20- Electrical has begun.
  • Part 21- Water line trenching, plumbing is in.
Still a lot of work to do but things are really coming together.  These final stages of construction are going to be a whirlwind of activity.  Can't wait to work on the finishing touches and start moving in.  How exciting that day will be!  

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