Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Pattern Fun

I have done my fair share of sewing but patterns have never been my strong point.  It's like reading a foreign language sometimes.  I'm much better at taking the patterns and using them in different ways.  Here's a look at a few of my favorite repurpose ideas.

I tried decoupage a couple years ago and gotta say, I'm hooked.   Here's just a few great projects using sewing patterns:

This would be adorable in a sewing room.  
cool things to do with sewing patterns
Love the suitcases and the mannequin head.  Adorable!
Decoupaged Suitcases
Such a cute idea!
Joyworks Decoupaged Mannequin... isn't she cute!

So many great light fixture applications. 
Found on Instagram

You know I can't ignore journaling and the many great things you can do with patterns.  Here's just a few of my favorites....

How cute is this idea, add a stronger paper on the back and edge your pages.  So cute.
Altered Book Project by Sandra Pearce

Flower embellishments for a journal page or card.  So many things you could do with these.
Flower Embellishments on Etsy

Here's a you-tube video to help you make your own journal using patterns.  Could be fun.
You-Tube Video with directions.
Great little magnets made from patterns.   

Sewing Pattern Magnets on Etsy

I adore Mixed Media, pattern pieces work great in a lot of different projects.
Pattern Mixed Media Project

This piece is one I completed here at the shop.  The background is book pages but wouldn't pattern pieces look fabulous?

A variety of artwork options.  How simple, a piece of fabric or paper with a cute pattern attached.  Frame it and you've got beautiful artwork, perfect for a sewing room.

Last but not least....

from Burlap and Denim

Have you done anything interesting with patterns?
Would love to see what you've done.

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