Monday, September 29, 2014

Years in the Making..... The Flowerbed Chronicle

I mentioned previously I'd share my crazy with a flower bed I've been working on for years.   When we bought the land where we now live I always knew I wanted a "botanical garden" feel around the yard and lake.  Slowly, over time (lots of time) it's coming together.  I've had a vision for the front of the property.... granted, it's changed somewhat and continues to evolve over time, but a vision none-the-less. 

This entire area was overgrown and full of junk trees and vines.... ugh!  My hubby took the bobcat and ripped most of it out.... I spent two days running a burn pile to get rid of it.  We had a few large rocks left over from another project so I had him place them around out here and that was the extent of this years work..... (I told you "years in the making").

The following year we added berms..... One large closest to the driveway and two smaller opposite of it.  This area measures roughly 90' x 50' and I plan to cover it in it's entirety with flower bed...... someday!  Here's the end result of another year's work:

Year three..... structure.  Well, in the berms anyhow.  I added some trees and shrubs.  I love natural, perennials mixed with structure and I tend to let them take over (within reason anyhow) so I always have babies that need removed.... they have a new home out here.  I got it mulched too..... lots of mulch! 

Year four..... My husband decided he couldn't take another year of hoses from the house out to the flower beds.... so.... I got a watering system this year.  The boys and my husband dug trenches all over the yard and hooked it up to a pump system taking water from the lake.... works great!  I also added a few bushes to connect the two smaller berms.

Now, it's amazing what a couple years can do.... it's overgrown.  I have a path through the center planned that'll lead from two "activity" circles..... I have started them both but completion will have to wait.  I've also added some rock to the bushes above to make mowing a little easier.  Another year gone. 

This is one of the "activity circles"..... It will be a willow structure once the willows decide to grow in and I can start weaving them together.... not sure how it's going to turn out but whatever happens I will "make it work". 

This is the second "activity circle"..... all I've got so far are the arborvitae that will be on either side of the entrances..... I plan to form the rest of the circle with lavender..... in the spring... I am planning a mosaic walkway to connect this area to the willow structure on the other end.... hopefully that can get started in the spring.

I have a wall I'd love to do out here with bottles that I've been collecting for a couple years (they've taken over the shed and a portion of the garage) and of course the walkway, who knows what direction it'll take in the years to come but it certainly is fun figuring it all out!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Weekly Treasures...

Went garagin' this morning with a friend, so much fun!  Here's a look at some of the great things I picked up.............

Some great stuff..... between the two of us we filled my car again.  Three chairs... can't wait to start messing with them.  One was FREE!  Unbelievable.  The other two were a total of three dollars.... All adorable in their own way and gonna be gorgeous when I get done with them.... Fun, Fun, Fun!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Window Treatments..... Panels

Some things to consider when picking a window treatment are style, function and architectural interests. Window treatments can set the mood for the room, hide or enhance the homes architectural details, lend a sense of balance or simply block out light.

Many people would like custom window treatments without the price tag. My store bought and jazz them up. Here's some examples:

These were store bought panels with fringe running vertically along the leading edge. I removed the fringe, added a valance and repositioned the fringe horizontally. Gorgeous, custom-made draperies using store bought panels.
To lend some visual height to the room window treatments need to be hung as high as possible.... not directly above the window.... store bought panels simply aren't long enough.  A simple solution, add a contrasting fabric at the top or bottom to bring them to the length you want.

Other quick fixes: add trim, a fabric border, stamp a design onto the panel, add beading, or hang them using unconventional means.....such as sticks from the tree outside, a canoe paddle, door knobs, cabinet hardware, etc. Take a walk through your local hardware store and think outside the box.
These were hung using cording and the pipes are black piping (gas?) from the hardware store
Window treatment style choices can complement your room's decor and add that sense of pizzazz that every room is looking for. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I worked over the last couple days at The Pink Elephant Antique Mall in Livingston, IL.  Took a couple photos to wet your appetite.... if you're ever in the area you should stop bye.  Plan to spend some time... there's over 50 dealers and lots of stuff to see!  Take a peek:

I love salt and pepper shakers........

 I collect fruit and vegetable stuff.... mainly Shawnee Corn Pottery but I also love the tomato sugar and creamer (I have one and a teapot.... amongst other things)....... check out the beautiful orange pottery below.... In love with orange dishes right now. 
 I also love vintage artwork..... these little kid pics are really, really cute!  If you like vintage artwork.... book prints.... etc.  My, oh my will you be in heaven......we have lots to choose from.
 Love all these machines....  this booth has a great selection.

 Into old guns, knives, war memorabilia..... check these out.  Lots of eye candy.....!

 Toys, toys and more toys........

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Not Your Typical Wreath..... Love Them!

I am a sucker for a cute wreath.... I've always loved them.... Right now I'm crushing on all the adorable wreaths I'm finding on Pinterest made from unusual materials.... or atypical shapes.  Here's a sampling of some great stuff....  Creative thinkers Hard at Work!

Visit Designing and Diapers for Instructions.... so cute!
Shared from
 Shared from A Diamond in the Stuff
Do you have a wreath on your front door.....please share, I'd love to see your creations?  I am working on my fall decorating this week.... Lord willing that is!  I'm running a little behind and playing catch-up..... We've set the dates for our Fall Bon-Fires and now it's time to get my Party On!  Starting with the D├ęcor around here..... (somebody light a fire under my butt to get me motivated).

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Turkey Meatballs....

I made it a week.... From past experience I should have a couple more days before I start noticing some differences in the way I feel.... I hope so because it's really not worth it otherwise.  This eating healthy and avoiding processing is rather difficult at times.  I'd really love a frozen pizza right now. 

I was asking my husband last night what his plans were after church this morning....(the usual is to grab a bite with a group from church)... today, I really want a Burger King Cheeseburger or Taco Bell!  I plan on ignoring the "rules" today......

Last night's recipe.... turkey meatballs.  They were pretty good.  Of course, if you follow my recipes you know I do not follow them exactly... I play, so I won't bore you with my exact recipe but check these out.......
Don't those look Good!  You can find the recipe at Home Cooking Memories as well as ten ways to use them....
To avoid processing and "sugars" I varied the recipe so I left some things out and used "suitable" replacements and they were good.... I'm betting if you actually follow the recipe they'll be outstanding!
Here's a couple pictures of my process:

I made spaghetti for my husband and I ate mine with a little sauce and a salad.... Pretty Good!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Concrete Tables.... the Possibilities are Endless!

My husband made the mistake of inviting me to "World of Concrete" in Vegas many years ago.... .....and so began my love affair with concrete. 
We made countertops for the house (we were getting ready to build), our island wall as well as a pedestal for the hall bath.... and I learned a vertical carving technique that I've used repeatedly outside.  I'm always looking for inspiration for future projects.... here's a few of our completed tables:


Winter is rapidly approaching and of course I've got ideas.... we'll see if I can get anything accomplished or not....  I always have ideas... too many ideas.... not enough time and energy!

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