Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mom's Cast-off Finds a New Home.....

 Mom gave me this bench a couple years ago, it's been in the shed ever since.  Finally I've gotten around to doing something with it.  My initial plan was to paint it but I decided against it.  I really love the finish as it is so I simply cleaned it up and touched up a couple bad spots.

You can see the original "cushion", if you can call it that, in the background.  Really dirty, grungy and no padding whatsoever.  Can you say "ucky"?
I had this fabric left-over from another project.  I love the colors so I used it to recover the bench seat, you're gonna laugh but I'm gonna tell you anyhow, I used an extra pillow as the cushioning.  I was antsy to get the project done and didn't have any other cushioning materials on hand, it worked wonderfully!
I placed it at the front door.  Now, what to do with this weird display space above.  Don't you hate it when all the "necessities" are placed in odd spots.  How do you hang stuff with all that "ugly" in the way!  Well,  I tend to work with it and incorporate it into the display.

I had this mirror left-over from another project and I loved it, so I kept it, it works here.  I got the embroidered art at a family reunion (we always have an auction to help fund the next reunion, this was one of my purchases) and I love the colors.   I still have two small spots to help fill in the space. One spot I've got planned, the other I'm still looking for, I'm sure I'll come up with something.

Maybe that last spot can be a "switch-er-roo" spot where I can put something related to the season/holiday.  Sounds like a good idea to me.  Stay-tuned and I'll update you on what I decide.
Happy Decorating.....

Monday, November 24, 2014

8 Inspiring Headboard Ideas..... 
Wow... way to think outside the box!
Come January 1st I will be doubling my space at the Antique Mall where I have a shop.... I am very excited and working to try and pull it all together.....  One of the things I would like to include in my space is a headboard or two..... something unique and interesting.  I have a couple ideas and am always looking for inspiration........  Check out some of these great finds from Pinterest. 
This is really great... what an impact it makes on the room.  Beautiful!
 Love the thought of added storage... I always have a pile of junk next to the bed... 
 Love how sleek and contemporary this is.... gorgeous. 
This is awesome.... lighting and shelf to boot!
 How artistic and functional is that?  Easy DIY... 
Such a great idea... not sure I could live with it but I do LOVE it!
 What a great idea.... love the look


Monday, November 17, 2014

My to-do's.....

Last month I wrote an article entitled "What A Mess" .....  this is a partial follow up.  I've gotten my work room cleaned out enough to work in and wait till you see all the projects I've got lined up.  I've got lots to do over the next couple months.

I have a space at a local antique mall called The Pink Elephant and come January..... the space right next to mine is opening up.  Can't wait.... it'll give me lots of space and the ability to really spread out and make a go of it.... I am very excited but also very nervous.  If you're ever in the area.... traveling up I-55 in Illinois from the St. Louis area towards Chicago you should stop in and check it out.... lots to see (my shop is in the basement).

The "window opening" on the right of the picture is my new space while the area right next to it... on the left of the picture... is the space I have now....  l

I'd like to get as many projects completed as possible so I can fill the space and get some new stuff ready to be worked on.... it's going to be quite the adventure!

Here's a glimpse at the many projects I need to be working on:

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