Monday, November 17, 2014

My to-do's.....

Last month I wrote an article entitled "What A Mess" .....  this is a partial follow up.  I've gotten my work room cleaned out enough to work in and wait till you see all the projects I've got lined up.  I've got lots to do over the next couple months.

I have a space at a local antique mall called The Pink Elephant and come January..... the space right next to mine is opening up.  Can't wait.... it'll give me lots of space and the ability to really spread out and make a go of it.... I am very excited but also very nervous.  If you're ever in the area.... traveling up I-55 in Illinois from the St. Louis area towards Chicago you should stop in and check it out.... lots to see (my shop is in the basement).

The "window opening" on the right of the picture is my new space while the area right next to it... on the left of the picture... is the space I have now....  l

I'd like to get as many projects completed as possible so I can fill the space and get some new stuff ready to be worked on.... it's going to be quite the adventure!

Here's a glimpse at the many projects I need to be working on:

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