Sunday, October 26, 2014


Every year at this time we host a Bon-Fire for our church family, it's always a great time with lots of food, fun and fellowship.  This year we had over 30 people. We simply hung-out and snacked, some fished, used the paddle-boat and the kids played Frisbee tag till dinner when we all stuffed ourselves silly and ended the night sitting around a fire listening to beautiful music by one of our own (you can find out more about her and her music here).   Nothing like sitting around a campfire enjoying a beautiful evening full of laughter, music and friends!

I was not prepared with my good camera and tripod so you'll have to use your imagination,  if you look closely you can see the tiki torches around the circle and some of my hubbies wonderful light orbs.   It really looks beautiful in the dark but alas, I was not prepared.

One of the things I noticed last night was the way the mosaic wall shimmers in the light.... wow!  The glass tile and the paint accents in the white shimmer with the tiki torches glistening in the dark, makes me love my wall even more!

Miss Mariah singing for us,  later as others began to filter down to the fire we had some harmonies going, it really was beautiful.

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