Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thinking Ahead.....

Why is it every year at this time.... while I'm rushing around trying to finish up last minute projects before winter...... all I can think about are the many new projects I'd like to start in the spring.... as if I don't have enough to do in the present time? 

For nearly two years now I've had people collecting glass bottles/jars for me.... I have a "fence" project I've been thinking about for the front flower bed....  it's been put off because my husband informed me,

 "You get no help from me until you finish the other wall you've started....".

Can't hardly blame him.... that wall has been in some state of progress for a couple years as well.... it is getting completed and sealed this season if it kills me (I'm quickly running out of time but it's it is if you'd like to see it).

Here's some of the projects I'm thinking about for spring....  gotta love Pinterest!

Found on
Found on
Found on
                                          Found on Flicker  by Gila <
Found on
Found on

What fun.... now I've got to get outside and finish this year's projects....  first day without rain in quite a while and I'm losing daylight every second I'm not out working in it.... gonna be a long day!
Hope you've got a great day ahead of you.... Enjoy!

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