Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Let the Fun Begin, Again!

This house is a continual "work in progress".    We started with simply painting paneling and changing some flooring in the main portion of the house.  Next, we headed outside and worked on the landscaping.  Wow, what a difference that made.  Next, well, this is it!  The homeowner was going to be out of town for a week and my plan was to get it all done while she was gone.  It was a whirlwind.... I'm lovin' the results.  (Here's some links to first couple phases, 1 and 2)

Sometime in January it's time to get back over there.  I have two bedrooms still to paint on the main living floor and then it's time to tackle floor #2.  Here's a reminder of some of the work from whirlwind week and at the very end, a glimpse of floor #2.  It should be a very interesting project.

 There was nasty worn-out carpeting on the floor....and the countertops were covered in stuff...

I have a bad habit of hitting the ground running and forgetting to take before pictures.... so imagine the color of the paneling also on the cabinets.... perty eh!

Painted walls and cabinetry, changed out the flooring and added some decorative touches....I still have some caulking to do (if it was ever done it's disintegrated over the years) and painting the baseboards... not a bad result for minor cosmetic changes.

I also changed her toilet seat cover.... there was a cream colored one with stains on it before.... a fresh wood one that matches the floor looks so much nicer.  I'd also like the curtain to swag but didn't have what I needed to make that happen.... a small project for another day.

Except for the ladder this is what the kitchen looked like before... missing doors and all.


I added some trimwork, painted the cabinets and cleaned all the pulls and hinges.  I didn't get to the backsplash but you can see the "tin" backsplash I want to add.  The countertops are 50's laminate... I am shocked at how well they cleaned up.  Once I get the backsplash done it all just needs some fresh caulk and it'll look great.  The appliances could use a good cleaning too!  The magnetic latches on some of the cabinets are missing as well.  I bought them but didn't have time to get them on.... A project for another day....

The bed is on the floor... the closet doors were leaning behind the bed as a makeshift headboard.  The curtain (in the right edge of the picture) is just hooked on nails in the corner of the window and the part of the picture you can't see is a mess!

The pictures don't do this room justice.  It's really great.  Bought a bed!  Wow... what a difference that made.  The doors got hung, changed out the window treatments and cleaned it up.  The area you can't see is bare... a seating area would look great!

Again, I didn't get the true before picture... I've already painted the brown wall and the right side wall.  The green couch and the cube end table I brought up from the basement.  The small step-ladder is there for me to paint.... Caleb had already cleaned out the room as well.... it was loaded with "stuff".... You get the idea from what it looks like now...

Cleaned it all out, painted, bought some lamps and throw pillows, window treatments.  Any accessories were already in the room.  I've got ideas for adding personal touches.... another future project.
This room is also amazing.  It's pretty bare right now compared to before when it was loaded with stuff.  It needs a light on the other end and some personal touches would be nice... another day.

Alas, Floor #2
There are two main rooms on this level with a small bathroom.  I have an idea for the ceiling and ductwork, we need a new floor and there's TONS of little fixes, those always seem to take forever!  First thing I'll have to do is clean it out, that's the part I'm dreading, the rest will be fun and the results will be spectacular, I'm sure.


Art Challenge 2015 Prepwork

Alright, lots of prep-work involved in my project.  I am trying Art Journaling for the first time.  I will be storing up ideas each week and making a "card" at the end that represents that week.  If you missed my initial post here it is:  Art Challenge 2015. 
I have started a Pinterest Board called Art Challenge 2015 that is a group board.  If you are joining me in this challenge and would like to post your work here please contact me and I'll send you an invite (I'll need your Pinterest name or email).  Otherwise, use the hashtag, #ArtChallenge2015 so we can view each others work on whatever forum we are using (I will definitely be on Pinterest and am working on figuring out Instagram).  Can't wait to see what you guys do.
Here's a look into my prepwork:
First thing I had to do was cut my paper to size.  I started by cutting off the perforated edges, then I cut this piece in half. 
Then, turned the paper the other way and cut it in half again.  I ended up with four 4.25" x 6" cards from each sheet of paper.
Here's a few of my cards.  I made a few extras just in case.
My color palette is going to be black, orange and teal.  I started by doing six of each color.  I used a full sheet of paper to work on and did ink blots, using a straw.  I let the leftover ink run onto the full size paper I used underneath my work surface and let that color the back, they are more smudges than ink blots on the back but it'll be consistently smudgy so "it is what it is".
Here's a little look into what I've done so far.  These are just the base coats.  I've got lots more work to do each week as I design the page.  For continuity its suggested to do all the base coats at the same time.  I did 18 cards and quit for the day.  Hopefully over the next couple days I can finish the rest.
I'm thinking the teal are my favorite, something about that color that makes me happy!
I plan to work on my cards every Thursday, not sticking to a true week but since New Year's is Thursday, that'll be the first day of my week.  So, I guess I'll see you with my first card on the 8th. 
Remember, if you'd like to join us I have a group board on Pinterest, contact me with your Pinterst name or email address and I can send you an invite so you can share your work with us.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Art Challenge 2015

A couple years ago I started making jewelry.  My mother has been trying to get me involved for years, going on and on about how much I'd love it.  I pooh, poohed and made fun of her for all those years before I finally caved (think of all the things I could of made in that time, now I'm kicking myself).  Man, was she right (mom's usually are).

Well, now she's talking art journaling and ya know what, I know I'd love it.  Mom has quite the book collection and while looking through them I came across one called Alternative Art Journals, Explore Innovative Approaches to Collecting Your Creativity by Margaret Peot.  What a fabulous and inspirational book.  On page 26 she describes an alternative way of journaling called "Card Set Art Journals".  That is the idea that brought about Art Challenge 2015.
My challenge to you:

Pick up a new hobby or find some inspiration to get back to an old one.  Challenge yourself to set aside a specified amount of time every week to work on your chosen craft.  You see, the "Card Set Art Journals" are a weekly endeavor.  Throughout the week you collect ideas and at the end of the week you complete one card, depicting the week it represents.  What a cool idea.  I am going to give it a try.  Want to join me?  

Last week I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up some art supplies.  I plan to start small with my Art Journaling and keep it fairly simple.  My goal is to make it through the year, learn a little, be inspired and hopefully get some of you to join me and hold me accountable.  So, whatever your art; painting, pottery, jewelry making, crochet, etc.  Lets have a weekly share-fest and get inspired by each other's work.  

Each week I will post here on the blog and on Facebook my finished work.  Simply add yours in the comments.  I am new to hashtags but add them if you got them (#ArtChallenge2015).  If you're on Pinterest or Instagram, same thing.  I will definitely be adding to Pinterest and am exploring the possibility of Instagram.  Either way, add the hashtag (ArtChallenge2015) and we can view each others work.  I am also forming a group board on Pinterest called Art Challenge 2015 if you would like to share your work on the board please contact me and I will send you an invite (I'll need your email address or your name on Pinterest).

I am really excited about this journey and hope that some of you will join me in the challenge.  If you're finding this mid-year, jump on board.  Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Weekly Treasures

While visiting mom we had a great time thrifting, driving all over the area stopping at every Goodwill, Salvation Army and Thrift Store we could find.  Oh my, did we ever have a great time.

I found some great stuff.  Some to sell in the shop at Pinkie and a few things I simple must keep for myself.  Check out some of the great things I found:

I am a glassware junky.  I love the stuff.  I wish I could say I have a favorite but just in what I found in one day I have at least four that I absolutely adore.  In this picture I love the smoky dessert/fruit cups and those little cups with blue swirly's and gold trim are to die for. 

I found two sets of dishes, one I'm keeping because I LOVE them and the other I'll sell.  I also fell in love with the little retro nut/candy dish.  Adorable!

The moose/deer coffee mugs I bought at Bass Pro, I grabbed the last four they had and am looking to go back and get four more at my local store, hopefully.  They fit my house perfectly and we never have enough coffee cups.  Another of my favorite glassware items are the little blue glasses, shot glasses maybe?  not sure but they are gorgeous.

This little piggy is adorable too.  I studied Animal Science at U of I and worked at the pig farms for years, they hold a special little place in my heart and when I saw this I grabbed it fast.  Too cute for words!

This bean pot my mom gave me, it was a wedding gift when her and my father married.  It's adorable and a keeper.

Pfaltzgraff plates, I found seven dinner plates in good shape and four dessert/salad plates.

Also found these great enamelware plates and cups.  Would make a great camping set.
Some plastic plates, I found two picnic baskets with partial sets of dishes inside, thought maybe these could work for one of them.  The green cup in the background matches a canister I found months ago.  I really love green, in case you haven't noticed.

Vintage ash tray, we sell a lot of these at the shop so I pick them up if I find them.  Of course I gravitated directly towards this one, it's green!

This little nut/candy dish I fell in love with.  The colors are awesome and it has a wonderful retro fell.  I might just have to keep it!

This set of plates I will be keeping.  I saw dessert/salad plates at one shop and thought, "wow, love the pattern" but really don't want that size plate and then at a shop a little later found the plates and jumped.  I love the colors and the design.  They fit my décor style and the look at my house so I'm keeping these.  I was almost giddy for the whole day after finding them.  LOVE them!  The little egg bud vase is great too, and my favorite color to boot! 

My Bass Pro Shop mugs, hopefully I'm not too late to find four more.  You can also see the adorable little blue glasses as well, does anyone know what they're for?  I'm assuming some type of alcohol but I have no idea.  Just know that they are really cute!  Check out the napkin rings.  Really cheap and thought I could make them my own pretty easily.  I need another project!
 One of the picnic baskets I found, inside is plates, bowls, cups and silverware for two.  Really great set!

All in a days work.  We had so much fun and I could have bought a LOT more but I put my blinders on, there's only so much a Ford Escape can hold. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Fall Decor

Planer and Belt Sander Trial Run

My husband is awesome!  For Christmas he got me a planer and a belt sander.
Now, in years past he's gotten me some pretty bad gifts, like bringing home a power sprayer for Mother's Day (because it was such a good sale) or a scale, yes, a scale.  What's he trying to tell me!  
But tools, love 'em.  I was out all day today playing with my new toys.  What fun!  Here's a reminder of where I started:
We had an oak log that was cut in half.  From each half we were able to get two bench seats and a table top.  They are pretty rough and in need of some finishing work. 
 Here's my first run with the planer.  Unlike my husband, I did read the direction manual.  Pretty easy tool to use.  The only problem I had was the finish edge.  The manual says to attach a piece of scrap to the end and not quit planing until you're on that piece of scrap. 
 I didn't do that and this is what happens.  I did figure out how to make it work.  If you're careful, slow down and apply slight pressure to the back of the planer (vs. using two hands like the manual says), it'll leave a nice edge.  Live and learn!
 It took about three passes with the planer to get a nice, smooth finish before I could start sanding.  I have never used a belt sander before and man, it wants to run right out of my hand.  I am so sore from today's work, my arms definitely got a workout. 
 Look how good it looks.  My husband wanted the edges smoothed over.  He said, "The kid who hits his head on this will thank me".  Always thinking!
That's all the farther we got, we're planning to wait for spring to finish it up and let the wood dry out.
Here's the tabletops.  I had my husband put both of them out so I could work on them at the same time.  Here they are before I got started.  They were pretty rough!
 I haven't done any sanding, just got it ready with the planer.  I really LOVE my new planer.  Works like a charm.  These are going to be amazing tables.  Working on designing the bases,  I'm hoping to use concrete.  We finished the day by turning the tabletops.  I'll have to get them planed on the backside another day.  I'm exhausted.  Hopefully we'll get another nice day soon and I can make sure they'll be ready for spring.  Can't wait!


Friday, December 26, 2014

IKEA Must Have's- What a Fun Place!

I just love walking through the grand spaces at the IKEA store.  If I had a house to do all over again I could easily go sleek and contemporary with apple green cabinetry.  WOW! 

I am a rustic girl at heart with little touches of sleek and contemporary right now.  Sometimes I get lucky and find something that I must have in my home.  Everybody needs a little touch of IKEA, somewhere I say.

Anyhow, I found nothing I couldn't absolutely live without this time except for a few fabrics.  The rest of my purchases are to repurpose in some way.  Take a look at what I found:

These great Christmas placemats.  I bought two sets, one for me and one to make something for next year at the shop (Pinkie).  These were too cute to pass up.  I would like to frame mine and use them for Holiday décor.  Who knows, I've got a year to figure it out.

Check out this great assortment of napkins.  My mom and I had a blast deciding which ones to buy and how we want to use them.  I'm thinking decoupage and I'm sure mom will come up with something involving her art journaling.  Can't wait to find a project to use them on.  Do you have a favorite?  I have three!

Oh, and the fabrics.  IKEA has some great, bold colored fabric with large prints.  I fell in love with two of them.  I bought a couple yards of the bird print, the birds are a variety of colors as well as the flowers and there's a green frog in the mix as well.  I was sold with the birds and then I saw the frog, that just cinched it.  I LOVE frogs for some reason.

We also found these adorable postcards.  They would be so cute decoupaged on something or simply framed and used for artwork.  Adorable!
 Here's the other fabric I couldn't leave without.  I am completely over the moon about this one.  There are two moose hanging out within a forest of orange, pink and magenta-ish colored trees.  I am in love with orange and the moose fit my house perfectly.  I love when I can add a little funk into the house and this fabric certainly fits the bill.  Can't wait to use it.  FYI, it's going in my bedroom.  Yep, my son thinks it's too girly but I'm using it anyhow.  I'm sure you'll be seeing it again in the near future and hopefully I can pull off a room that's not "too girly".

Hand towels, another thing IKEA has quite the variety of.  I am looking to make pillows I believe.  Found some really cute ones at very reasonable prices. 

Another shot of the napkins.  I am so excited to use them.  They are so cute.  Have you picked a favorite yet?  What would you do with them (beside use them as napkins of course)?
Well, that's all I brought home.  There was a few light fixtures, multiple throws, a couple small pieces of furniture and a gorgeous green check rug that I really could of used around here but NEED vs WANT, I don't need them just want them so I left them at the store.  Too bad, I really NEED that green check rug.  Out of everything it's the one thing I still think about and kick myself for not getting.  Hopefully if I give it a month it'll be out of my head.  Out of sight, out of mind! 
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