Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Art Challenge 2015 Prepwork

Alright, lots of prep-work involved in my project.  I am trying Art Journaling for the first time.  I will be storing up ideas each week and making a "card" at the end that represents that week.  If you missed my initial post here it is:  Art Challenge 2015. 
I have started a Pinterest Board called Art Challenge 2015 that is a group board.  If you are joining me in this challenge and would like to post your work here please contact me and I'll send you an invite (I'll need your Pinterest name or email).  Otherwise, use the hashtag, #ArtChallenge2015 so we can view each others work on whatever forum we are using (I will definitely be on Pinterest and am working on figuring out Instagram).  Can't wait to see what you guys do.
Here's a look into my prepwork:
First thing I had to do was cut my paper to size.  I started by cutting off the perforated edges, then I cut this piece in half. 
Then, turned the paper the other way and cut it in half again.  I ended up with four 4.25" x 6" cards from each sheet of paper.
Here's a few of my cards.  I made a few extras just in case.
My color palette is going to be black, orange and teal.  I started by doing six of each color.  I used a full sheet of paper to work on and did ink blots, using a straw.  I let the leftover ink run onto the full size paper I used underneath my work surface and let that color the back, they are more smudges than ink blots on the back but it'll be consistently smudgy so "it is what it is".
Here's a little look into what I've done so far.  These are just the base coats.  I've got lots more work to do each week as I design the page.  For continuity its suggested to do all the base coats at the same time.  I did 18 cards and quit for the day.  Hopefully over the next couple days I can finish the rest.
I'm thinking the teal are my favorite, something about that color that makes me happy!
I plan to work on my cards every Thursday, not sticking to a true week but since New Year's is Thursday, that'll be the first day of my week.  So, I guess I'll see you with my first card on the 8th. 
Remember, if you'd like to join us I have a group board on Pinterest, contact me with your Pinterst name or email address and I can send you an invite so you can share your work with us.

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