Friday, December 26, 2014

IKEA Must Have's- What a Fun Place!

I just love walking through the grand spaces at the IKEA store.  If I had a house to do all over again I could easily go sleek and contemporary with apple green cabinetry.  WOW! 

I am a rustic girl at heart with little touches of sleek and contemporary right now.  Sometimes I get lucky and find something that I must have in my home.  Everybody needs a little touch of IKEA, somewhere I say.

Anyhow, I found nothing I couldn't absolutely live without this time except for a few fabrics.  The rest of my purchases are to repurpose in some way.  Take a look at what I found:

These great Christmas placemats.  I bought two sets, one for me and one to make something for next year at the shop (Pinkie).  These were too cute to pass up.  I would like to frame mine and use them for Holiday d├ęcor.  Who knows, I've got a year to figure it out.

Check out this great assortment of napkins.  My mom and I had a blast deciding which ones to buy and how we want to use them.  I'm thinking decoupage and I'm sure mom will come up with something involving her art journaling.  Can't wait to find a project to use them on.  Do you have a favorite?  I have three!

Oh, and the fabrics.  IKEA has some great, bold colored fabric with large prints.  I fell in love with two of them.  I bought a couple yards of the bird print, the birds are a variety of colors as well as the flowers and there's a green frog in the mix as well.  I was sold with the birds and then I saw the frog, that just cinched it.  I LOVE frogs for some reason.

We also found these adorable postcards.  They would be so cute decoupaged on something or simply framed and used for artwork.  Adorable!
 Here's the other fabric I couldn't leave without.  I am completely over the moon about this one.  There are two moose hanging out within a forest of orange, pink and magenta-ish colored trees.  I am in love with orange and the moose fit my house perfectly.  I love when I can add a little funk into the house and this fabric certainly fits the bill.  Can't wait to use it.  FYI, it's going in my bedroom.  Yep, my son thinks it's too girly but I'm using it anyhow.  I'm sure you'll be seeing it again in the near future and hopefully I can pull off a room that's not "too girly".

Hand towels, another thing IKEA has quite the variety of.  I am looking to make pillows I believe.  Found some really cute ones at very reasonable prices. 

Another shot of the napkins.  I am so excited to use them.  They are so cute.  Have you picked a favorite yet?  What would you do with them (beside use them as napkins of course)?
Well, that's all I brought home.  There was a few light fixtures, multiple throws, a couple small pieces of furniture and a gorgeous green check rug that I really could of used around here but NEED vs WANT, I don't need them just want them so I left them at the store.  Too bad, I really NEED that green check rug.  Out of everything it's the one thing I still think about and kick myself for not getting.  Hopefully if I give it a month it'll be out of my head.  Out of sight, out of mind! 

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