Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Christmas Tour ..... Better Late Than Never

Last fall my husband made one of these orbs for the front yard, they are meant to be "party lights" but work out great for Christmas lights.  We have never, ever had outdoor lights so this year is a special treat!

This is the view from the front of the driveway.  There is still one more orb off to the right of the picture (near the weeping cherry).  You can find a little more information on the light orbs here.

This is my newest little tree.  I've never had a white tree but I found this one cheap and figured I'd give it a try.  This sits in the entryway at the front door.  My grandma gave me the toy truck and I used cookie tins (leftover from the cookie bake) as "presents".

I made the garland with straws and an old beaded necklace, found some ornaments buy1/get2 Free at Michaels and added some ribbon bows, I love using them for ornaments. 

This is the view from the front door.  My little white tree sits in the corner in the bottom right just out of the picture.

My entry table.  I used an old Silver Plated Ice Bucket for the floral with candy canes, found the little wood sled at an estate sale and the snowmen are Home Interiors from the 90's.  One of them holds a sign saying, "Let it Snow".  My sentiments exactly.

This three-tier basket normally sits in the dining room year round.  I change out what it holds depending on the season.  I recently decoupaged my coffee table, I am not meant to own glass top tables! 

I don't own a skirt large enough for this tree and didn't have time (or motivation) to make one this year so I used an old chenille blanket.  The dog LOVES it, as witnessed by her toy underneath, waiting for her return, she spends a lot of time here.

This little Santa Cookie Jar was my grandma's.

For fall I made these paper, book page wreaths to hang from sconces in my living room.  I made "Boo" signs that hung from the center.  To change them out for Christmas I simply took down the "Boo" sign and added a large red bow.  Love stuff that can be used for multiple holidays.

I used ribbon for my mantle, really easy.  I found little star ornaments at the dollar store that I've used throughout the house.  My grandmother made the Santa Pitcher.

My little Santa lost his head the first time we had a fire in the fireplace.  I pinned him back together.  My ribbon stringers were leftover from last year.  I've also hung them from the chandelier.

This is the view from the Living Room back towards the front door and Dining Room.

The Dining Room with a view of one of the light orbs out front.  I made the placemats from some leftover fabric my grandmother gave me, the little grapevine tree in the back corner sits out year round, sometimes I add things to it for the holiday but more often than not it sits with a little garland on it and some lights all the time.

I saw the book tree somewhere on the internet and fell in love.  I always have books laying around.  The "candlesticks" are old spools that I've simply put a candle on with a decorative piece of garland.  Took me five minutes to do the table.

I love the little book tree.  One of the books (second from the bottom) was made by my mom.  I'll be showing more detail about it in the near future.  She does lots of artsy fartsy things and this is one of them.

 Vintage spools for candlesticks.  All they need is a little ribbon and they can be used year round.

I leave the wreath in the chandelier year round as well.  I love how it looks.  For holidays I simply add a little detail.  This year I hung some snowflake ornaments.  Easy Peasy!  The paper ball garland on the hutch is a recent addition as well.  I made it from leftover magazines and added some ribbon ties for dimension.

These are Dollar Tree ornaments that I've used throughout the house. 

 I have a little green tree on my kitchen table, for some reason this year I'm loving little birds.  Added some ribbon garland and sprigs out the top and called it done.
 For the base I used a glass bowl with candy canes.  The filler is junk jewelry that I've got laying around.  If I had white beans I would of used them instead but alas, I did not, so junk jewelry it is!

I couldn't leave the loft area alone this year.  I'm up there quite a bit now so it had to have a tree or two as well.  My poor little tree skirt in the background has seen better days.  It usually goes with another tree but Ms. Pepper (the new puppy) had other ideas this year.

My tabletop tree is stacked cookie tins with some tree branches coming out the top.  So many more things I could of done to jazz it up but I'm decorated out.  Next year!

This table sitting area is located right at the top of the stairs.  We use the little tree on the ledge for a night light.  Works great.  I love the red with the atlas accent wall, I'm thinking I need new curtains up here!

 I have another tree decorated with ornaments my grandmother made in the corner.  Growing up mom used these ornaments quite often so they bring back great memories.

 Some of Grammies ornaments.

 The view from upstairs into the living room.  I do not do garland up the staircase, do you?  I am nervous to try because I clean up enough needles, fake or real, the thought of adding to that is more than I can take.  Instead, I throw a Santa hat on every other post.  Done!  Looks cute and couldn't be easier.

Have you gotten your Christmas decorating done?  I have thought of many more things I'd like to do but you've got to stop sometime, right!  I'm calling it quits and moving on to other things.  Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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