Thursday, April 14, 2016

14 Beautiful Examples of Garden Art For Your Yard

Do you have any Art Work in your Landscaping?  I've put together 14 amazing pieces of artistic expression found in highly creative gardens.  Things like this beautiful privacy fence/trellis made from PVC pipe.  Who knew!

Or this amazing pine cone made from shovels.  Yes, shovels!  Gorgeous.

These adorable ostrich planters from Kabiria Metal Works (in Nairobi) made from recycled metal.  Oh my!  

My son asked me the other day if I could learn anything, easily and immediately without any work on my part, what would it be?  The first thing that popped into my head was "welding".  I've always wanted to learn how to weld and make artsy-fartsy things such as this.  Someday maybe.  (what would you have said?)

You could make an amazing, magical place in the trees with these and I've got quite the stash of water bottles already.   Perfect for a child's birthday party.

What about an arbor from a couple old doors?

We all have sidewalks of some kind, why not add some artsy elements to an otherwise boring and plain walk.  Really love this mosaic path.

Lovely retaining wall.  I really hate large expanses of plain ole concrete, this is a great way to add some interest and decorate it up.  So many possibilities to make it personal to you.

I need to make some of these.  What a great way to add some art into your landscaping.

Adorable willow sculpture.  I have a couple books on this technique and would love to play with it.  I've planted an arbor out in my front yard but its taking forever to grow enough for me to start weaving.  Almost there.


These were at the San Diego Botanical Gardens, great succulent people with clay faces and metal armature.  Follow the link to find many more great examples.

This has been on my to-do list for a couple years now only I'm planning a house from plastic bottles.  I want a little playhouse in the woods around the lake for grandkids someday.  I've got bottles that people have been collecting for me spilling out of the shed, I just need to get 'er done (as if we don't have enough going on right now, it'll have to wait).
vitreosity from

Now that's a bench!  Just gorgeous.

I really love this idea.  Think of the different designs you could create with moss.

Those are some of my favorites.  Do you have an example of yard art you'd like to share?  What inspires you to be creative and "think outside the box" in your landscaping?

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