Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Table Re-Thunk

Do you have an old table just sitting around?  How about making it a DIY project. I recently took one apart, basically into two halves, and made a desk out of it. The finished product is so multi-functional. I could use it for a desk, a potting bench, an entryway table, etc. It could be skirted and have storage underneath as well. I am very happy with how it turned out. A stack of wood sitting in the basement and a beat-up table is now a great, functional piece.

I unscrewed the wood slides holding the two sections of table together.  Easy first step.

Then, I took 1x8's left over from a previous project and lined them up.  Using a 2x4 to connect them at the bottom.

Then added a shorter 2x4 in the middle to support the work top.  (The table itself has metal supports underneath which is why this piece needed to be shorter so it could accommodate them).

Another 2x4 at the top.  I am also going to add one more for a shelf but want to get the table portion attached first so I know exactly where I want to put it.

Here it is with the work table attached.  I'm already loving it and I've got a ways to go.

These little cuts are for the edges of the shelves for added support.  I was going to purchase metal brackets but decided against it.  These worked great and were basically free (I used leftover 2x4).

Here it is ready for the finishing touches.

I used bondo to fill in the holes and caulked the shelving areas for a nice clean finish. 

Here it is all ready to go.  So cute.  It could be used for a desk, a workbench, potting bench, entry table.  If I left off the lower shelf it could hold a mirror with hooks around the edges for coats.  An extremely versatile piece.  What about adding a skirt around the base and using the underside for added storage.  So many options. 

I still have half the table left and my son has requested I make him one for his room.  Can't even tell you how good that made me feel!  

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