Friday, April 29, 2016

16 Outstanding Wall Art Ideas For Your Home

I am always looking for creative ways to add personal touches to my home decor.  I really hate purchasing cookie cutter artwork from chain stores so I tend to use personal items such as photos and memorabilia from family vacations (you can check out a few of the things I've done around my home here).

I've put together a few of my favorite Pinterest finds with some really great ideas to help you make your own unique artwork.  So many creative people out there with lots of versatile projects ready to be personalized to fit your own decor style.

This is great and one of many I'd like to try.  They've used screws to make house numbers but there are so many other designs you could do.  How about mixing 'n matching the colors of screws to make a cool design.  So many possibilities.
Home Decor Ideas

This is a great way to involve the kids, but as you all know coloring ain't just for kids anymore so get out your markers and make some wall art!

When my kids were in grade school they had an excellent art teacher and made some awesome pieces that I've saved and had laminated.  My goal was to frame them and put them on display.  Hasn't happened but I'll treasure those pieces of artwork forever.  This could be a great summer project and make for interesting wall art as well, win/win.

Check your local convention center for the next Jewelry/Bead Show and you'll likely find some gorgeous agate slices to incorporate into artwork (one year I found antler slices and seed pods that were really beautiful as well).  I've also seen slices made into light fixtures (sconces and chandeliers) that are simply amazing, that's on my to-do list (which is getting rather long these days).
Framed Agate Art

This is just incredible.  You could frame out mirror squares and "age" them to get a similar look.  I've always wanted to make large mirror from broken pieces that have been applied as a mosaic.  I've gotten so far as to purchase the mirror squares (that was years ago) but I've not gotten around to my project yet.  Sigh.....
Summer Field Design

What about framing some of your children's favorite game boards.  I really wish I'd saved the boys games, the colors are great and the memories are even better!

Such a great idea.  You could do so many things with this and portray a variety of different messages.  Love it.

Such an easy project and you could tailor the design to your liking.  What a great way to get oversized artwork for relatively inexpensive and quick!

Now you know I love this!  Really, really love!

Look at what great artwork can come from a single calendar.  I did this in my dining room with a floral calendar I found at the dollar store.  Calendars are so inexpensive and you can completely personalize the look to fit your style.  Such a good idea!

This is an interesting way to change out artwork on a regular basis and you could personalize the rope/cording with a variety of colors to suit your tastes.  Children's artwork, photographs, school papers, christmas cards, think of all the things you could display.  It'd be a great "memory board" for wedding cards or a vacation station to fill with memorabilia.  Think I might have to do this somewhere.

I really love to play with corners.  This is really interesting and a great way to add a little whimsy.

That has got to be my favorite wallpaper of all time.  Not sure I could live with it (I'm getting dizzy if I look at it too long already) but I just love it.  Forget about artwork, just add an amazing, bold accent wall.

Large wall art can be a little tricky and difficult to find (and afford for that matter).  You can easily make your own with fabric or papers.  Not sure which this is but I'm betting its a shower curtain.  Keep your eyes open for curtains, tablecloths or sheeting that catches your eye.  Any of it could be turned into great oversized artwork for your home.

I've tried this before on wood valances, turned out great.  Find a stencil you love and do some relief work.

What about displaying a collection.  I really love these trays made into a wreath, cute!  What about a grouping of black or red floral vintage trays.  I am planning an accent wall at the new shop using vinyl records.  You could take just about anything you've got a lot of and turn it into a great gallery display.

So cute, cut out any design you want, frame and display.  Keep your eyes open at your local thrift shop or antique mall and you'll be amazed how reasonably you can find a book with beautiful prints you could cut out and frame as well.

I hope you've been inspired to get creative and find ways to personalize your space with fun art work you've had a hand in making.  For lots more ideas check out my Pinterest Board entitled DIY- For the Walls and then do your own search.  You might just find your next project.

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