Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Few Quick Ideas to Decorate Your Walls

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I can't even count how many homes I've gone into and seen one tiny little picture over the sofa or three tiny pictures evenly spread out.....UGH! 

Fill up that space, above a sofa roughly 2/3 of the length of the sofa should be filled up and eye level should be the middle of your display.  Doesn't have to be one large piece,  many small pieces work great.  Take your cue from the photo above and why not do a photo collage? 

Here's some ways I've filled up wall space in my home with photo collages.  We've lived here six years and I haven't tired of any of them yet but when I do it's an easy fix, just change out the photos.

These are pencil drawings that I found on one of our family vacations out west.

This is a calendar I found at the dollar store.  Think of the possibilities, so much variety to choose from.

I always wanted to paint a mural on this wall but never got to it.  My grandmother was coming for a visit and I hadn't hung any of her paintings yet so, voila', solved the problem of a blank wall and the wrath of grammy in one fell swoop!

I love to round corners so I added these mirrors to an otherwise unused corner in the dining room.

This is going up the stairs, I made it our "vacation" wall.  Of course I've never finished it, but you know how that goes.  I hung the map first (roughly 6 years ago now) with the intention of framing it out.  Someday!  I added the pictures from various trips and the masks are from Puerto Rico (tagged along with my hubby on a business trip).  Great reminders of the fun we've had over the years.

This is the boy's loft, wish I had a better picture.  It's mainly composed of baby pictures with a few school age tossed in.  I will probably never change it out, one of my favorite places in the house (the other is my coffee table in the living room that I decoupaged with family pictures... best spots in the house)

So, find something you love, group things together to take up more space, and fill 'er up!

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