Friday, June 26, 2015

Why Replace When You Can Paint?

Have you ever painted a piece of furniture or cabinetry?  It can be a daunting task but the results are well worth it, especially if you hate the piece and are considering getting rid of it anyhow, which is what was happening with both of these bathroom vanities I'm sharing with you today.

Both homeowner's hated their cabinetry and wanted them gone.  I told them to save money we could paint them and completely change the look, they trusted me and the results are fantastic!

Here's the first cabinet before, really its a beautiful cabinet but the homeowner wanted a change or wanted it gone:

 A really easy fix for this one.  I cleaned it up with TSP, lightly sanded and started painting.  Two coats of paint and some light distressing.  Sealed with a polyurethane and Voila', a gorgeous new cabinet.  She loves it!  Notice we also changed out the hardware.  An inexpensive way to completely change the look.

This is my most recent project.  A huge vanity with two doors on either end with drawers in the middle.  It's nearly 20 years old and in desperate need of a make-over, something to bring it back to life.  The homeowner despises the cabinet and wants to replace it.  We are doing so much work in this bathroom (and spending a lot of money) this is one of those places where we can save some moolah.  I talked her into painting it.  I used chalk paint this time so I didn't sand, just wiped it down.  (This piece is so old its pretty rough already, even with regular paint I probably would have been good without sanding).   I always take the doors off, its just easier that way and I work around the drawers.

Here it is with the first coat of paint.  I am completely in love with this color and considering using it on my front door.

I don't paint the interior of the cabinet, just this little edge at the doors.

Two coats of paint and its looking great!  I'm thinking we will give this a light sanding and come back over with a glaze.  I also would like to add a pop of color or paper for the drawer sides.  Add some knobs and she'll have a fabulous "new" cabinet without the expense.  Love it!

You could also add paper to the drawer fronts and door insets (decoupage with napkins, wrapping paper, etc.) or even wallpaper/stencil them.  What about some trimwork, that's a fairly simple addition that packs a punch.  

So, next time you're looking to throw a piece away, why not recycle it instead.  You might find you've given it a new life and added a bit of your own personality and charm at the same time.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Bathroom Project Update

 I have been working over the last month on a friends bathroom.  Things are going to really start coming together by the end of this week.  Still a ton to do!

One of the things we are planning is to paint out the cabinetry and "change it up" a bit.  It'll save us a ton of money to make some minimal changes and that money can be used elsewhere.  She's trusting me, so hopefully I can wow her when I get it done and make her love her cabinets again.
The shower is ready for glass, which should be here by the end of the week, except for caulking which shouldn't take too long to do.  I've also gotten most of the tub surround completed as well.  The front facade I am going to finish after the floor since it'll need to be cut to fit once the floor is down.

 The old countertop is being replaced so I left the final few pieces off until the new countertop is installed, just in case.

I spent multiple days last week grouting.  I had to use two different grouts due to the glass tiles.  Worth the hassle.  My friend didn't want white grout so we went with grey.  There are multiple colors to choose from so I went with the one that had the same color available in sanded, unsanded and caulk.  Only one left to choose from (in stock) so that's what I went with.

The white ceramic tiles get the sanded grout.  It came in a pre-mixed tub which made it very easy.  I did small sections at a time.  I've made the mistake in the past of doing too large of an area and getting the grout off is extremely difficult (my husband is still cursing me for that one!)  

 Same color grout but un-sanded for the glass mosaic tiles.  Also, because there's natural stone they got a couple coats of sealer first.

This project is about an hour from my house.  When I spend the day over there I try to make it worth the drive and get enough done to make it worth my while.  Half-days are a waste of gas, so in my efforts to use time wisely I also stripped the carpeting.  Yep, they've been walking on sub-floor for nearly a week.  After the glass and countertops come we can tackle the floor.

Ripping out carpet is a pretty easy task.  Here's a peek:  

I started with that awful stair, I really hate these things.  Do you really need a stair to get into the bathtub?  I think it's more of a hazard than a help myself.

Using a utility knife I simply cut the carpeting into small, manageable strips rolling them up as I went.  Padding is the same.  Time-consuming and a little rough on the knees, but easy peasy.

 Around your doorways just figure out where the door sits in the casing and cut the carpet in the center of that space.  I used the level as a guide.  We are leaving the carpeting in the closet area so we'll use a piece of metal tile to carpet edge trim here and at the entry door between the bathroom and bedroom.

 Carpet and pad are gone now its time to get rid of the tack strips.  I just go around the room with a screwdriver and hammer and pry them up in manageable pieces (I put them inside the rolled carpet when possible).  You can also see staples in the sub floor, those need to be removed as well.  They make a floor scraper that works great for this but I left mine at home, so, screwdriver it is.  Maybe took a little more time but still a quick process.

 Before I get started on the floor I'll need to take off the trim and work on the door casings as well (they'll need shortened a little to accommodate the durock and tile).

My friend and her husband are still using and living in the space as I work on it.  What a mess for them.  I'm sure they look at it most of the time and think it's never going to get done.  Hopefully by the weekend they'll see it all coming together, even though there's still a ton of work to do.

Glass shower surround and countertops are coming in a couple days.  What a difference they will make. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Our First Project of the Season- Update

In my last update, posts and railings, this is where I left you.  We are still not completely done with the railings (we were short one piece of powder-coated rebar, waiting for it so we can finish up) and we've moved on to the water-dispersal system.  Well, framing it up anyhow.  
Here are the links to previous posts if you're interested:

First Post- Cutting out the concrete 
This Weekend's Progress- ripping apart the rest of the deck
Update- drilling post holes, who knew that'd take an entire weekend, wow!
Slowly Progressing- Header board is in and a couple new posts. Yep, that's what we call progress around here, however slim it may be!
 Part 5- Joists are in!  Yeah! 
Weekly Update- Almost ready for decking.
Decking is on
Weekly Update- posts and railings

Framing is almost done and soon it'll be time for the metal (serves as ceiling and water dispersal system) and gutters to go on.  It has been a long, slow process but it's going to be fabulous when its done.

 Last time this little piece going back into the house wasn't done yet.

 Those weird pieces jutting out that you're probably wondering, "what the heck are they for?"  Well, there is going to be an overhang.  Not exactly sure how it's going to work yet, I just pass the tools and hold pieces when necessary, definately not the brains of this operation.  I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bead N Button 2015 Toho Challenge

A select group of designers were given the same set of beads and left to create.  Here are the results of that challenge.

Some really beautiful work is on display and will be on display at TOHO in Japan for the next year.

Others who visited their booth were given the same set of beads and their work will be displayed over the coming months here:

Wow, all these items created from the same set of beads.  How creative and unique each piece is!  

Throughout the coming year, others who visited their booth were given the same set of beads and will be showcasing their work at the following site.

I don't work with seed beads but am fascinated by the intricacy of the designs and how creative people are.  Great stuff!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Beaded Art Quilts

While attending Bead N Button this year there was a gorgeous display of  Beaded Art Quilts,  such beautiful work and so creative.

Take a look:

Mom and I used to go to the Paducah, KY quilt show when quilting was our hobby of choice.  I haven't done too many quilting projects in recent years but wow, these are very inspiring and the use of beads really makes them show stoppers.  

Have you done any Beaded Art Quilts, we'd love to see your work.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

More Bead N Button Contest Winners

Oh my, you won't believe some of the beautiful pieces on display at Bead n Button.  All of these pieces participated in the contest in one division or another and are absolutely amazing.  The pictures really don't do them justice.

There were probably eight cases like this full of contest pieces, separated by category.  This case contains lots of pieces in the Crystal Jewelry Category.  Some really amazing work!

 Here's third place:

Second Place:

The piece on the right won First Place in the Crystal Jewelry Category.

Now, Polymer Clay.  I love looking at the glass and clay beadwork, such creative people out there.
This is the third place piece in the Polymer Clay Category.  Beautiful piece.

Second Place was made by the same person who made the Third Place piece pictured above.  This one is phenomenal.  Love it!

Here's the First Place Piece, WOW!  Can you imagine the time and patience it took to carve all that out?  Just Beautiful!

And Lastly, WireWork.   This is Third Place.

Second Place:

First Place, absolutely amazing and so inspiring.  

I'm sure there were more categories that I've missed, these were the stand-outs for me.  I was so tired and throwing around not going this year but gotta say, so thankful I went.   So much to see and the variety of beads and other supplies is just outstanding.  If you get the opportunity to go sometime, you really should.  

In case you missed it, here's the post showing winners for the categories of Finished Jewelry Seed Bead Jewelry as well as Best of Show and the Runner-Up:

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