Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Our First Project of the Season- Update

In my last update, posts and railings, this is where I left you.  We are still not completely done with the railings (we were short one piece of powder-coated rebar, waiting for it so we can finish up) and we've moved on to the water-dispersal system.  Well, framing it up anyhow.  
Here are the links to previous posts if you're interested:

First Post- Cutting out the concrete 
This Weekend's Progress- ripping apart the rest of the deck
Update- drilling post holes, who knew that'd take an entire weekend, wow!
Slowly Progressing- Header board is in and a couple new posts. Yep, that's what we call progress around here, however slim it may be!
 Part 5- Joists are in!  Yeah! 
Weekly Update- Almost ready for decking.
Decking is on
Weekly Update- posts and railings

Framing is almost done and soon it'll be time for the metal (serves as ceiling and water dispersal system) and gutters to go on.  It has been a long, slow process but it's going to be fabulous when its done.

 Last time this little piece going back into the house wasn't done yet.

 Those weird pieces jutting out that you're probably wondering, "what the heck are they for?"  Well, there is going to be an overhang.  Not exactly sure how it's going to work yet, I just pass the tools and hold pieces when necessary, definately not the brains of this operation.  I'll keep you posted.

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