Friday, June 26, 2015

Why Replace When You Can Paint?

Have you ever painted a piece of furniture or cabinetry?  It can be a daunting task but the results are well worth it, especially if you hate the piece and are considering getting rid of it anyhow, which is what was happening with both of these bathroom vanities I'm sharing with you today.

Both homeowner's hated their cabinetry and wanted them gone.  I told them to save money we could paint them and completely change the look, they trusted me and the results are fantastic!

Here's the first cabinet before, really its a beautiful cabinet but the homeowner wanted a change or wanted it gone:

 A really easy fix for this one.  I cleaned it up with TSP, lightly sanded and started painting.  Two coats of paint and some light distressing.  Sealed with a polyurethane and Voila', a gorgeous new cabinet.  She loves it!  Notice we also changed out the hardware.  An inexpensive way to completely change the look.

This is my most recent project.  A huge vanity with two doors on either end with drawers in the middle.  It's nearly 20 years old and in desperate need of a make-over, something to bring it back to life.  The homeowner despises the cabinet and wants to replace it.  We are doing so much work in this bathroom (and spending a lot of money) this is one of those places where we can save some moolah.  I talked her into painting it.  I used chalk paint this time so I didn't sand, just wiped it down.  (This piece is so old its pretty rough already, even with regular paint I probably would have been good without sanding).   I always take the doors off, its just easier that way and I work around the drawers.

Here it is with the first coat of paint.  I am completely in love with this color and considering using it on my front door.

I don't paint the interior of the cabinet, just this little edge at the doors.

Two coats of paint and its looking great!  I'm thinking we will give this a light sanding and come back over with a glaze.  I also would like to add a pop of color or paper for the drawer sides.  Add some knobs and she'll have a fabulous "new" cabinet without the expense.  Love it!

You could also add paper to the drawer fronts and door insets (decoupage with napkins, wrapping paper, etc.) or even wallpaper/stencil them.  What about some trimwork, that's a fairly simple addition that packs a punch.  

So, next time you're looking to throw a piece away, why not recycle it instead.  You might find you've given it a new life and added a bit of your own personality and charm at the same time.

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