Thursday, June 4, 2015

Our First Project of The Season- Weekly Update

Just a little reminder of where we started (after ripping off the old deck and putting on a new ledger board), it's really come a long way.
When I left you last week all the decking was completed and railings were about to begin.  Yep, still in that stage but it's really coming along nicely.  Another one of my hubby's drawings. 
 And here's his set-up to drill the holes. 
 He spent all day Saturday getting the holes drilled in the posts and Sunday got the first four set.
 Monday night we got the first pieces of rebar in.

 Tuesday, well, that first curved post was a bear.  Most of Tuesday went to cutting it out and getting it set.  Wednesday evening, in the half hour between getting home and leaving for church, the first set of curved rebar went in. 

  Still quite a bit to do but it's really looking great.  After the railings its time for the water dispersal system, that could get interesting (meaning might take a while).  We've got all summer!

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