Monday, March 9, 2015

Stepping Stone Mosaic Pathway

I am anxiously awaiting spring this season.  I have been slowly working on a large flower bed in the front of my yard for years now.  I always advise people to start with structure, hardscapes and the like and then add your plantings. 
Nope, I didn't follow my own advice.  I had a plan, kind of knew what I wanted as far as structure went so I jumped in and got it planted.  It's had years to grow in now and I've slowly added small things each year.  Now, finally, this year I'm hoping to add some hardscape.  First step, a pathway.
This garden has two major "activity centers", one has been planted as a willow structure and I'm patiently, well, impatiently, waiting for it to grow in so I can start weaving it together.  The path will connect this larger area into a smaller area that I've not done much with yet and probably won't for this season. 
I am completely enamored by the mosaic pathways I keep seeing on Pinterest so my plan is to somehow incorporate a mosaic into the path.  In years past, my husband and I built a spec house around the corner from our home.  It was quite the adventure, when we poured the driveway we had the extra concrete dumped in haphazard drops so I could make stepping stones. 
I roughly shaped them using a trowel, stamped them and let them sit while we finished up the interior of the home.  We broke some in the process of moving them but I still have six or seven to work with.  I really want to use them in my new walkway out front and intermix them in with mosaic work between.   Once I start placing them I'll know if I need to make a few more as well.  Fun, fun!
I really would like to just frame out my path, give it a rock base layer and start but my husband doesn't think that'll hold up with our freeze/thaw pattern (he's probably right, he usually is), so I'll have to work on digging it out first.  One of the reasons its been put off.  This is the year, hopefully I can bribe the boys to help me dig and I can get moving quickly.  Can't wait to get out and play in the dirt!
Another project I am dying to work on this year is my bottle fence/art installation.  I keep changing where I want to put it so I'll have to make a commitment on that but I've had people saving glass jars and bottles for years (I have a shed full).  This is my inspiration fence that I found years ago on Pinterest.  I just love it and really hope I can get to it this year as well.

Do you have any plans for your yard this year?  These are just a few of the major projects I'd like to get completed this season.  Maintenance always takes up a lot of my time and my husband has at least one large project in mind as well.  It should be a wonderfully productive, fun season.  Can't wait for the crazy to begin.


  1. Thanks for the always great ideas! Good luck on your projects too!

  2. You and I both, can't wait for SPRING to come so I can get out and play in the yard with my flowers. A yard can be ever changing year to year....and I LOVE IT.

  3. This is really going to be awesome. I love your idea about saving those dollops of leftover cement. Those will make a nice pathway.


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