Friday, March 13, 2015

My Landscaping Adventures- 5

This is my attempt to chronicle the progress made around our home when it comes to the yard and my many garden projects, which is a continual work in progress.
Here are the links to previous articles in case you're interested:
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My Landscaping Adventures- 4 Upper Patio, deck and the beginning of backyard plantings
Now, amazingly there's still quite a lot to see.  Let's take a look at how my front flowerbed and island has filled in, as well as the backyard plantings.
The Front Yard:

The Back Yard:

A few shots of the Island:

Now, it's all about the maintenance for these areas of the yard.  I must be crazy, but I started adding another flowerbed out front by the road.  Here's a glimpse into it's humble beginnings.
Remember the large pile of rocks from the first post?  After building our first retaining wall and outlining the driveway we placed a few of the larger rocks out here, they sat like this for a couple years.
 There's three berms out front.  The one in the forefront runs the entire length of the bed area.  With two smaller ones in the back (you can see the one on the right and there's another to the left.

I always tell people to put in their structure first and then add plants.  I didn't follow my own advice on this one.  Once we got the berms in I went ahead and planted my trees and bushes, took perennials from others areas of my yard and bought a few more as well.  I couldn't help myself.  I still don't have any structure (beyond the berms that is) and it's probably been three years since I got this area planted.  Still lots more to see but we'll save that for next time.
What are you working on in your yard?

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