Saturday, March 14, 2015

Our First Project of the Season- 2015

My husband always has at least one major project every season.  This year, replacing a deck that has been leaking since we built it is that project.
First thing is to get the concrete out.  It is spring break around here for both of my college students so they are around to help out.  Thank goodness, even cutting the patio into small chunks, I still can't carry them. 

My husband hated having to tear it apart but we both knew it was going to rot away and become a hazard over time.  When he took the first few boards off the end to get to the slab, there's some proof.  Made him feel a little better about destroying it.

Here's the size of the squares he ended up cutting the slab into.  They will work perfect for another patio project or walkway somewhere else in the yard.  Not sure where yet, but I'm sure I'll find a spot.

You can see the orange trash shoot down at the end.  What a life-saver that is.  I thought they'd be carrying all that through the house in order to get it outside.  You should hear a chunk of concrete go down that thing, sounds like a Mac-truck barreling up the rock drive, loud and grumbly!

This is the view from the garage man-door.  This deck has been one of the few things after building the house that we weren't happy with.  It has trusses vs. a header that were made to hold the weight of the concrete, with the set number of supports we would have.  Yeah, not really, it's bowed from the day the concrete got poured.  It has also leaked the whole time, hopefully we've got the water dispersion system figured out a little better this time (by we, I mean hubby).

Here's a look at a fraction of my new pavers, hmmm, what will I ever do with them? 
The new deck is going to be a couple feet wider and will have a rounded area off the side where the garbage shoot is at.  Underneath the deck is where we've planned for an outdoor kitchen.  Can't wait to get to that part, it's going to be quite the project with a more functional design that maybe will make it more usable, as well as a new outdoor kitchen.  Let the fun begin!

Today is Saturday, major workday's around here.  The concrete is out, now it's time to rip this baby apart.  Should be an interesting day.

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