Thursday, March 19, 2015

Our First Project of the Season- This Weekend's Progress

When I left you last, we had just begun our project.  First thing was to remove the concrete pad from the deck framing.  If you missed it you can find that post here.
Now we're moving on.  Slowly and methodically my husband, with very little help from the rest of us, has ripped the old deck apart.  He worked most of Saturday and a partial day Sunday, with me sitting outside basically watching, ready if he needed me for something (I'm the gopher).  
First step, remove the rebar railings and then the posts and handrail.
 Then, he removed all the fascia boards, he's trying to salvage as much as he can so he can use it for a deer stand.  Should be interesting.  See how rotten that truss is.  Wow!  My husband hated to bust out the concrete and tear this deck down but now he's really glad he did.  It was getting pretty weak in spots.  You can see how one of the underboards is bowing pretty back, that's where the water would drip when it rained.  That piece just fell off, no salvaging for it.
 Thankfully  nobody was standing underneath it.  I think he managed to salvage most of the other pieces.
 See those two weird looking sticks leaning against the house.  That's how he got the white sheathing down without breaking it all up.  My son and I each held one at either end of the board as he knocked it loose from above.  I don't know how we managed not to break them but they made it and they got a good laugh at my expense, I cannot hold a stick level to save my life!
 All down except for the truss and the end boards attached to the house for support.  Wow! 
Last night we worked on the truss a little bit.  Got all but the main, large portion on the bottom down by hacking it into pieces.  Now, it's tied off with rope in a couple places and we'll start in again tomorrow.  Getting that down with only my help oughtta be pretty interesting!

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