Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Next Sewing Project

I have been sewing window treatments for years, took a few years off to deal with some family issues and am just now getting back into it.  Here's a quick look at my newest project.
These are the windows in the living room that we are working on.  Our plan is to hang the panels as high as possible (at the ceiling) and let them create a "faux" puddle at the floor.  They will be completely stationary, hanging between the windows over the small patches of wall showing and at the ends of course.  Should be a really, great look.

Here is the fabric we'll be using for this project:
This is another project from years past that was hung in the same manner.  It's a really easy, inexpensive way of hanging non-functioning panels with some added drama.  At the top you simply use the wide, white metal rods from any hardware store.  You will have to cut them down to fit the width you're using, a little time-consuming and annoying, but works great!  At the bottom, you create a faux puddle by using a screw in cup hook placed into the wall and running a piece of string through the bottom of the panel, pulling it up and placing it into the hook on the wall.  That creates the puddle, I call it "faux" because it's not hitting the floor, it's really not a true puddle.
 The floor to ceiling fabric add a lot of drama and height to the room.  Gorgeous.  Can't wait to get this set done and show them off.  Such a great look.


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