Sunday, March 1, 2015

Vertical Carved Concrete Man-Cave

This is a project in the back of a garage for a "man-cave".  The upper portion of the walls is going to be covered in wood and below, there needs to be spots to display all his "trophies" (including a bobcat).  We decided to use a concrete treatment on two walls, opposite the entrance and use angles for interest.  We started lower on the outer edges and worked our way up into the middle where we added some shelving for display.  In the first few pictures we are working on prep-work, my least favorite part of the process.  Necessary, but ugh!
 Here's an idea of the shape we used.  We've added a couple more "bump-outs" for ledges, and have gotten a layer of tar-paper up. 
 The wood has been applied and protected above and now the metal lath is up, one more step and it'll be ready for the fun part!
Scratch coat applied.  Let the fun begin.
 Here it is "in the works".  I was able to work with my boys for some of this so they did the mixing for me, that helps so much.  Such a great product to work with, you simply throw it on the wall, in handfuls, spread it out with your trowel, add texture and start carving.  Right now the variation in color you're seeing is from all the release used while stamping/carving. 
Once I got it all up on the wall it's time for color. 
It really turned out great.  I haven't been back to get pictures with all the finishing touches in the room.  Would love to see how he used the ledges and corner area.  Fun project!

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