Saturday, March 21, 2015

My Landscaping Adventures- 6

This is my attempt to chronicle the progress made around our home when it comes to the yard and my many garden projects, which is a continual work in progress.
.   When we bought the land where we now live I always knew I wanted a "botanical garden" feel around the yard and lake.  Slowly, over time (lots of time) it's coming together.  I've had a vision for the front of the property, granted, it's changed somewhat and continues to evolve over time, but a vision none-the-less. 

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This entire area was overgrown and full of junk trees and vines, ugh!  My hubby took the bobcat and ripped most of it out.  I spent two days running a burn pile to get rid of it.  We had a few large rocks left over from another project (phase 1) so I had him place them around out here and that was the extent of this years work (this front bed has been "years in the making").

The following year we added berms, one large closest to the driveway and two smaller opposite of it.  This area measures roughly 90' x 50' and I plan to cover it in it's entirety with flower bed, someday!  Here's the end result of another year's work:

Year three, structure.  Well, in the berms anyhow.  I added some trees and shrubs.  I love natural, perennials mixed with structure and I tend to let them take over (within reason anyhow) so I always have babies that need removed, they have a new home out here.  I got it mulched too, lots of mulch! 

Year four, My husband decided he couldn't take another year of hoses from the house out to the flower beds, so,  I got a watering system this year.  The boys and my husband dug trenches all over the yard and hooked it up to a pump system taking water from the lake, works great!  I also added a few bushes to connect the two smaller berms.

Now, it's amazing what a couple years can do, it's overgrown.  I have a path through the center planned that'll lead between two "activity" circles (hoping to get that started this spring).  I have started them both but completion will have to wait.  I've also added some rock to the bushes above to make mowing a little easier.  Another year gone. 

This is one of the "activity circles".  It will be a willow structure once the willows decide to grow in and I can start weaving them together, not sure how it's going to turn out but whatever happens I will "make it work". 

This is the second "activity circle",  all I've got so far are the arborvitae that will be on either side of the entrances.  I plan to form the rest of the circle with lavender, in the spring.  I am planning a mosaic walkway to connect this area to the willow structure on the other end.  hopefully that can get started here soon.

I have an art wall I'd love to do out here with bottles that I've been collecting for a couple years (they've taken over the shed and a portion of the garage) and of course the walkway, who knows what direction it'll take in the years to come but it certainly is fun figuring it all out!
Do you have any grand plans for spring?  Any fun projects planned?  I'd love to hear about them.
Next time, I've got some vertical concrete to share with you.  Just realized I left all that out.  Wait till you see what I did with a large s-shaped retaining wall in our backyard and how I finished off the firepit.  Fun, fun.  See ya next time!

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