Thursday, June 11, 2015

More Bead N Button Contest Winners

Oh my, you won't believe some of the beautiful pieces on display at Bead n Button.  All of these pieces participated in the contest in one division or another and are absolutely amazing.  The pictures really don't do them justice.

There were probably eight cases like this full of contest pieces, separated by category.  This case contains lots of pieces in the Crystal Jewelry Category.  Some really amazing work!

 Here's third place:

Second Place:

The piece on the right won First Place in the Crystal Jewelry Category.

Now, Polymer Clay.  I love looking at the glass and clay beadwork, such creative people out there.
This is the third place piece in the Polymer Clay Category.  Beautiful piece.

Second Place was made by the same person who made the Third Place piece pictured above.  This one is phenomenal.  Love it!

Here's the First Place Piece, WOW!  Can you imagine the time and patience it took to carve all that out?  Just Beautiful!

And Lastly, WireWork.   This is Third Place.

Second Place:

First Place, absolutely amazing and so inspiring.  

I'm sure there were more categories that I've missed, these were the stand-outs for me.  I was so tired and throwing around not going this year but gotta say, so thankful I went.   So much to see and the variety of beads and other supplies is just outstanding.  If you get the opportunity to go sometime, you really should.  

In case you missed it, here's the post showing winners for the categories of Finished Jewelry Seed Bead Jewelry as well as Best of Show and the Runner-Up:

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