Wednesday, December 24, 2014

IKEA Snapshots- A Few Of My Favorite Things

Nearly ten years ago I first stepped into an IKEA store and immediately fell in love.  I adore the clean lines and contemporary design.  It really doesn't fit my design aesthetic entirely but I can always find pieces to incorporate and I love the look of mixed styles. 

When we built our home I bought multiple light fixtures (had some problems with a few and ended up only using one, but that's another story) and my sons have a few of their bedside tables.  An occasional window panel and some bedding and that's been my only personal experiences with their products.  Except for the light fixture issue I've been happy and everything has been what I expected it to be. 
I bought three of their paper lantern lights and
had them hardwired for my entryway light.  I
just love them!
I've done a few projects for others where we've used their products and the results have been wonderful. 

This past week while visiting mom we headed to IKEA to explore, we spent hours wandering around looking at all the fun stuff they carry.  Wow!  What a fun day.
Here's a peek into the wonderful world of IKEA:
Three stories of awesomeness!  The large banners are pieces of fabric that they sell in their fabric section.  They have some great graphic stuff at extremely reasonable prices.
Our first trip here my sons were completely awestruck by the escalators for the carts.  Wow!
I love their lighting section.  They have some beautiful, unique lighting for great prices.  Just be sure you get everything you need to make it work.  Notice my son and the big yawn, he's bored. 
This color is so great. 
Fabric, great selection of bold colors, large graphic prints and unique patterns.  LOVE!
Lots of black and white, grey prints.
One of my favorites.
I only bought two fabrics.  This was one of them.  It's two moose walking through the trees (which are pink, orange and a bright magenta type color.  I am completely in love with this fabric!  It's completely over the top and so ME!  Can't wait to figure out exactly how I want to use it.
What a great idea, you personalize these with your choice of fabrics.  Lovely.
Tons and tons of wall decals.  Cute stuff.
 One of their decals.  Cute idea!
Didn't see these chairs for sale, love them.  They have bar stools and regular table height chairs in this same design in the food court area. 
Love these!
If you're looking for storage at a reasonable price this is the place to be.  The selection is awesome.  These would be wonderful for closet organization.
Oh my, I'm in love with this check rug.  It would fit into my house so easily.  I might NEED that!
I bought a little bit, things I couldn't resist.  Two fabrics, gorgeous napkins for decoupage projects, placemats for next Christmas that are just adorable, I can't remember what else.  As soon as I can get some pictures I'll get them up.  Such a great place to shop.  I definitely need to visit more often!

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