Monday, December 1, 2014

8 Inspiring Mosaic Ideas....

My son and I worked on a project together when he was in grade school, he drew the design and I finished the rest.  We completed a coffee table and matching end table.  I've done a few more projects since then and browsing through Pinterest has really got me inspired.  Check out some of these beautiful, jaw-dropping projects:
This guy does really incredible work.  If you've not visited his blog I highly suggest you do.  Lots of inspiring stuff!
I've been wanting to do this as accents behind sconces in my living room for years now....  even have the supplies in the shed.  What am I waiting for?
I'm in love with this idea... What a cute vertical garden!
I think I've found my inspiration for the staircase once the boys are gone and I can rip out the nasty carpeting...
There's an entire album full of gorgeous mosaics here.... I'm in love with this little stepstool!

My own projects are nowhere near the caliber of those shown above but I thoroughly enjoyed the process and am loving the finished results.  Practice makes perfect and I can't wait to get more practice!

My son drew out the design and I did the mosaic work.  Still love it!

This was this summers project.  It was a race to the finish to get it completed and sealed before winter set in.
Master Bathroom Floor

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