Saturday, December 27, 2014

Planer and Belt Sander Trial Run

My husband is awesome!  For Christmas he got me a planer and a belt sander.
Now, in years past he's gotten me some pretty bad gifts, like bringing home a power sprayer for Mother's Day (because it was such a good sale) or a scale, yes, a scale.  What's he trying to tell me!  
But tools, love 'em.  I was out all day today playing with my new toys.  What fun!  Here's a reminder of where I started:
We had an oak log that was cut in half.  From each half we were able to get two bench seats and a table top.  They are pretty rough and in need of some finishing work. 
 Here's my first run with the planer.  Unlike my husband, I did read the direction manual.  Pretty easy tool to use.  The only problem I had was the finish edge.  The manual says to attach a piece of scrap to the end and not quit planing until you're on that piece of scrap. 
 I didn't do that and this is what happens.  I did figure out how to make it work.  If you're careful, slow down and apply slight pressure to the back of the planer (vs. using two hands like the manual says), it'll leave a nice edge.  Live and learn!
 It took about three passes with the planer to get a nice, smooth finish before I could start sanding.  I have never used a belt sander before and man, it wants to run right out of my hand.  I am so sore from today's work, my arms definitely got a workout. 
 Look how good it looks.  My husband wanted the edges smoothed over.  He said, "The kid who hits his head on this will thank me".  Always thinking!
That's all the farther we got, we're planning to wait for spring to finish it up and let the wood dry out.
Here's the tabletops.  I had my husband put both of them out so I could work on them at the same time.  Here they are before I got started.  They were pretty rough!
 I haven't done any sanding, just got it ready with the planer.  I really LOVE my new planer.  Works like a charm.  These are going to be amazing tables.  Working on designing the bases,  I'm hoping to use concrete.  We finished the day by turning the tabletops.  I'll have to get them planed on the backside another day.  I'm exhausted.  Hopefully we'll get another nice day soon and I can make sure they'll be ready for spring.  Can't wait!


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