Sunday, December 28, 2014

Weekly Treasures

While visiting mom we had a great time thrifting, driving all over the area stopping at every Goodwill, Salvation Army and Thrift Store we could find.  Oh my, did we ever have a great time.

I found some great stuff.  Some to sell in the shop at Pinkie and a few things I simple must keep for myself.  Check out some of the great things I found:

I am a glassware junky.  I love the stuff.  I wish I could say I have a favorite but just in what I found in one day I have at least four that I absolutely adore.  In this picture I love the smoky dessert/fruit cups and those little cups with blue swirly's and gold trim are to die for. 

I found two sets of dishes, one I'm keeping because I LOVE them and the other I'll sell.  I also fell in love with the little retro nut/candy dish.  Adorable!

The moose/deer coffee mugs I bought at Bass Pro, I grabbed the last four they had and am looking to go back and get four more at my local store, hopefully.  They fit my house perfectly and we never have enough coffee cups.  Another of my favorite glassware items are the little blue glasses, shot glasses maybe?  not sure but they are gorgeous.

This little piggy is adorable too.  I studied Animal Science at U of I and worked at the pig farms for years, they hold a special little place in my heart and when I saw this I grabbed it fast.  Too cute for words!

This bean pot my mom gave me, it was a wedding gift when her and my father married.  It's adorable and a keeper.

Pfaltzgraff plates, I found seven dinner plates in good shape and four dessert/salad plates.

Also found these great enamelware plates and cups.  Would make a great camping set.
Some plastic plates, I found two picnic baskets with partial sets of dishes inside, thought maybe these could work for one of them.  The green cup in the background matches a canister I found months ago.  I really love green, in case you haven't noticed.

Vintage ash tray, we sell a lot of these at the shop so I pick them up if I find them.  Of course I gravitated directly towards this one, it's green!

This little nut/candy dish I fell in love with.  The colors are awesome and it has a wonderful retro fell.  I might just have to keep it!

This set of plates I will be keeping.  I saw dessert/salad plates at one shop and thought, "wow, love the pattern" but really don't want that size plate and then at a shop a little later found the plates and jumped.  I love the colors and the design.  They fit my d├ęcor style and the look at my house so I'm keeping these.  I was almost giddy for the whole day after finding them.  LOVE them!  The little egg bud vase is great too, and my favorite color to boot! 

My Bass Pro Shop mugs, hopefully I'm not too late to find four more.  You can also see the adorable little blue glasses as well, does anyone know what they're for?  I'm assuming some type of alcohol but I have no idea.  Just know that they are really cute!  Check out the napkin rings.  Really cheap and thought I could make them my own pretty easily.  I need another project!
 One of the picnic baskets I found, inside is plates, bowls, cups and silverware for two.  Really great set!

All in a days work.  We had so much fun and I could have bought a LOT more but I put my blinders on, there's only so much a Ford Escape can hold. 

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