Thursday, December 11, 2014

12 Adorable Cookie Tin DIY's

My mom and I took a trip to Florida this summer, driving so that we could
stop at antique stores and thrift shops along the way.  Boy, did we have a great time!  From day one we both gravitated towards particular items and styles.  Me, I love doilies and repurposed items.  Couldn't get enough. 

Mom, well, she was into tins, of any kind.  We jokingly banned the other from purchasing any more tins/doilies for the rest of the trip but that didn't last long.  This year mom made Christmas ornaments with her tins and a few necklaces while I'm still working on repurposing doilies.  Soon.
I keep coming across adorable things made from repurposed tins, here's a few of them to maybe inspire your own tin creations......

This is one of the necklaces mom made using a Hershey's Cocoa Tin.  This is also the ornaments she made for her tree this year.  Can't wait to see it in person.

How cute.

Love this tin tower.  Used here for K-cups but could be used for a variety of storage solutions.

Holiday Decoration, could be used year round with a little tweaking.

Follow the link for even more great tin up-do's (some repeats, sorry about that).
Tin Bracelet.  Yes, Please!
The link leads to a wonderful Etsy shop full of adorable, unique lighting.  Really cute stuff.
The possibilities are endless.

Another cute Etsy shop full of birdhouses made from recycled items.  Great stuff!

Beautifully turned into jewelry.  She has many more designs if you follow the link and teaches classes in the Seattle area and online.


This is my little tabletop tree in the boys loft.
Have you made anything out of tins?  If so, I'd love to see your handi-work.  Feel free to share!

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