Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What a Mess.......

I have been working on cleaning up the basement for days now..... and still have more to do!  I am embarrassed to show you this.... but figure I'm not alone..... So.... here goes:

The first winter in our new home my husband built these storage shelves for a corner in the basement.... they are for my "girly" stuff.... mostly! 

I have started to organize and clean out but man.... its almost too overwhelming.  I'd forgotten about some of it, was pleasantly surprised... and others... well... just needed to find their way to the garbage. 

I labeled boxes and tried to organize enough to be able to find things later on.... I now have a section of "to-do" projects that are easily accessible and multiple shelves full of crafty supplies..... if only I could keep it organized. 

It's even spilled out into the entryway.... if you need to get to the water heater or sound system.... forget about it.....

Not only do I have the storage space but I also have a "bedroom" in the basement..... (partially finished) that has been allotted as my "winter" workspace.  My husband will be working in the other areas of the basement so I'm having to get everything cleared out..... it desperately needed it anyhow.  This is after digging through everything for two days..... but still.... wow! 

I have a shop in a local antique mall (The Pink Elephant Antique Mall in Livingston, IL) and you've got to have someplace to store merchandise..... right?  I think 
I've gotten a little out of hand. 

Today's job.... finish cleaning this up!  I know it's doesn't look like it but I am really getting down to the finish line..... I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Shouldn't be long now and I'll have a great workspace for all my winter projects..... (including tiling the bathroom off this room).....  should keep me plenty busy thru the winter days ahead.
Here's the storage space.... swept out and organized.... I can actually find something I need now.  Haven't been able to do that for years!  .... and, I have free shelves..... hard to resist not filling them up!  Must Resist......

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