Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's a Start....

I am slowly finding and incorporating my Fall D├ęcor..... I so love this time of year..... have you started your seasonal decorating yet?

Here's what I found in my first box:

A red berry swag from Home Interiors that I've had for probably ten years (I've already taken it apart) and a grapevine wreath....
Just fasten them together and you've got a cute wreath.

You can use your wreath for the typical door/wall hanging purpose or lay if flat and add some umph! to a cake stand, tiered rack, a simple pumpkin.....  I usually fill this stand with little colorful gourds (which I haven't gotten yet).  You could also use candies, leaves, acorns, etc.... just add some fall color.
Or..... add it to a lighting fixture..... I leave this eucalyptus wreath in this light fixture year round and simply add in colorful accessories to match the season. 
This grapevine "tree" sits on a plant stand in the corner of my dining room.... and has for years.  I leave the "snow" tinsel on it all year long because it adds a little bling and it has lights...... I simply add colorful accessories depending on the season.  So far all I've added are some paper mache stick pumpkins and a witch an aunt made years ago.... not sure what else I'll find once I get more of my seasonal stuff out. 
Last, but not least..... this adorable centerpiece placemat.... I made it years ago with scrap fabric that matches the season and some leaves.... a hot glue gun is all you need.  I made a centerpiece for my table but you could make a runner, wall hanging, artwork.... whatever you can dream up. 

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