Thursday, September 25, 2014

Window Treatments..... Panels

Some things to consider when picking a window treatment are style, function and architectural interests. Window treatments can set the mood for the room, hide or enhance the homes architectural details, lend a sense of balance or simply block out light.

Many people would like custom window treatments without the price tag. My store bought and jazz them up. Here's some examples:

These were store bought panels with fringe running vertically along the leading edge. I removed the fringe, added a valance and repositioned the fringe horizontally. Gorgeous, custom-made draperies using store bought panels.
To lend some visual height to the room window treatments need to be hung as high as possible.... not directly above the window.... store bought panels simply aren't long enough.  A simple solution, add a contrasting fabric at the top or bottom to bring them to the length you want.

Other quick fixes: add trim, a fabric border, stamp a design onto the panel, add beading, or hang them using unconventional means.....such as sticks from the tree outside, a canoe paddle, door knobs, cabinet hardware, etc. Take a walk through your local hardware store and think outside the box.
These were hung using cording and the pipes are black piping (gas?) from the hardware store
Window treatment style choices can complement your room's decor and add that sense of pizzazz that every room is looking for. 

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