Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Not Your Typical Wreath..... Love Them!

I am a sucker for a cute wreath.... I've always loved them.... Right now I'm crushing on all the adorable wreaths I'm finding on Pinterest made from unusual materials.... or atypical shapes.  Here's a sampling of some great stuff....  Creative thinkers Hard at Work!

Visit Designing and Diapers for Instructions.... so cute!
Shared from findinghomeonline.com...
 Shared from A Diamond in the Stuff
Do you have a wreath on your front door.....please share, I'd love to see your creations?  I am working on my fall decorating this week.... Lord willing that is!  I'm running a little behind and playing catch-up..... We've set the dates for our Fall Bon-Fires and now it's time to get my Party On!  Starting with the D├ęcor around here..... (somebody light a fire under my butt to get me motivated).

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