Thursday, August 4, 2016

Building The Chirping Frog- Part 19

Things are just about ready to take off here at The Chirping Frog.  Interior work is beginning and it's going to be a fast paced roller coaster ride to the finish line from here on out.  Take a look at what's been happening over the last couple weeks.

Windows are in on both sides of the building and all but some trim-work is complete.

Jason and I worked on clean-up and got some finish grading done along the front.

The scratch coat is on and the pillars are ready to be finished.

Got some carving done and today they got stained.  Hoping to seal them tonight.

I played with some leftovers.  I am hoping to work on an art piece for the interior and wanted to make sure my idea was going to work.  Now to plan out what I want to do on paper and get prepped, no time to think about it when the carve coat is hardening with every second that passes.

All the doors are hung and the hardware is partially installed.  I got them sanded, primed and painted. 

Yes, I went with black.  I wasn't sure what I was doing when I ordered windows so I did white trims, thinking I'm going to paint them black as well.  When I look at the side of the building I can't help but see this: 

The bathroom doors are primed and ready to be papered.  The storage room hasn't been touched yet, soon!

This is all that's left to get us closed up. half of one side and the front entry.  So close!

The air conditioning curbs are ready to go.  Heating and cooling can now begin.  Yeah!

We will be working on framing up the sidewalks and front entry so that the parking lot work can begin while the interior work is happening.  Cannot wait to get this out of framing mode.  

Here's weekly updates from the beginning if you're interested:
  • Part 1- Clean-up
  • Part 2- Dirt Work
  • Part 3- Tons of Rock & Footings 
  • Part 4- Foundation Walls
  • Part 5- Foundation Walls Poured
  • Part 6- Forming Bathroom Walls
  • Part 7- Bathroom Walls Poured
  • Part 8- Rock, rock and more rock!
  • Part 9- Concrete Floor Pour
  • Part 10- Clean-up
  • Part 11- Framing is Underway
  • Part 12- Trusses
  • Part 13- Trusses Are Up
  • Part 14- Metal Started on Roof
  • Part 15- Roof and Concrete Wainscoting
  • Part 16- More Carved Concrete and Pine Log Entry gets installed  
  • Part 17- Concrete gets stained, doors installed and grouted, still working on getting us closed up.  
  • Part 18- Framing interior walls.

Still lots to do but wow, its all coming together and soon we'll be opening our doors for business.  Can't wait!

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