Saturday, August 6, 2016

Easy Thimble Pendant Necklace with Wire-Wrapped Bead Dangles

My mom spent a week with me the end of June that coincided beautifully with a broken toe, giving me plenty of play time for my many crafty endeavors.  I got a lot of things started and very little finished, par for the course, right!  

One of the projects I started was this thimble pendant necklace using wire-wrapped beads left over from previous projects.  Gotta use up them leftovers!

 I started by drilling a hole thru the center of the thimble.  Using a length of 18 gauge wire (roughly 4") I made a loop at one end, adding varying lengths of chain with wire-wrapped bead dangles.  The wire then got threaded thru the inside of the thimble and out the top.   

I finished it off by forming a large loop at the top and wire wrapping excessively down to the thimble.  I really love that look.

I finished it off by adding a long length of chain.  Easy peasy!

I am considering adding an assortment of chain dangles since most of my beads have loops at the base (might as well use them, eh).

I'm always on the lookout for thimbles and other trinkets to use in my jewelry projects.  I've got a great assortment of bottle caps, corks, games pieces, etc.  Now I just need to find some time to be creative and get something done.  

Have you made anything using thimbles?  Do share, I'd love to see your creativity at work.

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