Saturday, August 13, 2016

My First Completed Manila Envelope Journal

As I'm sure you have figured out by now I've found a new passion..... Art Journals.  So many varieties to choose from and each one can be personalized and made uniquely yours.  They are quite addicting and I can't wait to get The Chirping Frog open so I can share this wonderfully creative outlet with you.  

This little journal is made using a manila envelope and is so simple to create.

The papers I've used are plain on the backside so I've used corrugated cardboard as a stamp to add some interest.

I've got a single signature of ten pieces of paper with a simple pamphlet stitch to attach it to the manila envelope.

The envelope has been cut at the bottom so that the front and back of the journal has a pocket.

This is the back of the journal.

I've added a small velcro closure.

I've done little to no decorating on this little journal, it's got lots of space to journal and would be great for everyday use, perfect for list keeping (if only I were that organized).  Such an easy little project and so versatile.  

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