Thursday, August 25, 2016

How I Decoupaged A Door With Book Pages

Right now my husband and I are hard at work building The Chirping Frog, our new Antiques & More shopping mall in Illinois down by St. Louis, MO with plans to open this Fall.  Things are really moving along and interior finishes aren't that far off.  Right now there's not much I can do inside but I did manage to start on a small project today.  I am wallpapering the bathroom doors with old Antique Price Guides that my grandfather gave me years ago.  Such a fun and easy project.   

Think of the possibilities!  It won't be perfect, after all, what happens to a book when it gets wet?  If you can handle the imperfections and work with them you can create a variety of wonderful projects completely unique to you.  

Here's a quick look at how to get it done.

First, prime the doors.

 I spent some time going through the books pulling out pages with photographs of "manly" items for the men's bathroom and "girly" items for the ladies.  Once I'd gotten my pages sorted out it's time to start applying them to the doors.

You could rip them into pieces, haphazardly apply them at all angles or keep them a little more organized and just line them up like I did.  Mod Podge would probably work but I always use wallpaper glue.  Work in small sections rolling on your glue and adding papers.  I do not use any special tools just my hands to apply the pages.  They will wrinkle a little, its inevitable.  The more you mess with the paper the worse it'll be so just quickly apply it and move on.  You might need to overlap the pages a little in places.

I can't help but grin when I see the doors.  I've got the front and back of both bathroom doors covered and am hoping to spray them with a tea stain tomorrow, give them a quick sanding and a couple coats of polyurethane.    What a quick, easy way to add some character and what better paper to use at an Antique Mall than an old Price Guide.

Hoping to use the same method to paper the storage room door and the entry vestibule.  Can't get maps off my mind for the vestibule and I think I've found the perfect wrapping paper for the storage room.  Wait till you see it, couldn't be more fitting.

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