Monday, August 29, 2016

Coral Doughnut Wire Wrapped Pendant

Last year I took a tag-along trip with my husband to Memphis, TN.  He had work to do but my days consisted of beading and lazing around the hotel room until dinner.  It really was a great couple days.  I didn't get a whole lot completed, but multiple projects got started.  Today I'd like to show you a completed project- finally!

This is what my husband came home to every night.  I also had an ironing board on the left of the bed with more supplies.  It was everywhere, I pretty much took over the space.

 In years past I'd purchased a couple of these beautiful red doughnuts and have been waiting for the chance to work on one, here's that chance. 

I made the bail by using two separate pieces of 18 gauge wire, sending them through the center hole and wire wrapping them with a loop at the top for attachment to a chain.  Then I began to wire wrap them together.

Got the front portion wrapped.

 Moving on to the back part of the bail.

 I added a couple dangles for a little extra bling and that's where my Memphis trip came to an end.

It's been waiting for me to find the time to finish it up ever since.  One day last winter I was able to make the chain for this pendant and add another element to complete the look.  Here's what I came up with.

I love making my own chain, time-consuming, but well worth it.  I tend to do a 1x2 pattern, varying the size of the rings, it adds a tad of interest without going too crazy.  Stay tuned, I'll have a tutorial coming soon on how to do this.  It's really not hard and it gives you the freedom to design a variety of chain patterns to fit your needs and design aesthetic.

 Another shot of the finished look. 

Have you made any jewelry?  Would love to see some of your finished work.  I really wish I had more time to spend working on my jewelry creations, it's so relaxing and such a great creative outlet.

Hoping to get some jewelry making classes going at the new shop, The Chirping Frog, can't wait to get things up and running.  

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