Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Building The Chirping Frog- Part 21

It has been a really productive week at The Chirping Frog.  Take a look at all the things getting done around here:

 I finally got the bathroom grouted and started staining the walls.  This is a trial and error type project, I have no idea what's gonna happen or if I'm even going to like it, but one way or another I'll "make it work".  My goal is an ombre effect with a blue transparent concrete stain that I have a ton of but don't use very often.  This seems like a good project to try it out on.  Here's the walls before I got started.

I've mixed my stain with water in a 1:4 ratio for the very top of the wall and a 1:2 ratio for the middle portion.  I haven't worked on the bottom yet (it's darker than it will be, it's still wet in the picture).

I used the color full strength on the bottom, then watered down  what I had left to come back in where the middle and bottom met to try and break up the strong demarcation line I ended up with (which I really don't like).   I also spritzed the entire wall with full strength color.  I'm thinking I'll hit it with some brown to continue the mottled effect and call it done.

Jason is prepping for the next concrete pour.  We've got the wheelchair accessible parking spaces, sidewalks and front entry to do.

Caleb is home from his summer break and we immediately put him to work, digging a trench, his favorite thing in the whole wide world to do!  That pipe is a "just in case" project, if we ever need it for something later on it'll be there.

 We spent the weekend trenching, such a slow process.  

Still trenching and we're loosing daylight fast.

As if we haven't had enough of trenching, we're at it again getting some electrical to the front for a sign that'll hang on the building.

The interior door got installed.  Looks great!

Here's the drops for the H/C, they'll get installed to get the vents down to ceiling height.

All six are in.

Looky there, we've got plumbing.  As soon as we get things inspected we can install the durock and I can get the brick installed (we bought brick facade at an auction a couple years ago and I'm finally going to put it to use).

Things are really moving around here.  Not a whole lot I can do inside until the finishing stage.  Outside, well that's another story.  Lots of concrete and a parking lot to keep us busy.

Here's weekly updates from the beginning if you're interested:
  • Part 1- Clean-up
  • Part 2- Dirt Work
  • Part 3- Tons of Rock & Footings 
  • Part 4- Foundation Walls
  • Part 5- Foundation Walls Poured
  • Part 6- Forming Bathroom Walls
  • Part 7- Bathroom Walls Poured
  • Part 8- Rock, rock and more rock!
  • Part 9- Concrete Floor Pour
  • Part 10- Clean-up
  • Part 11- Framing is Underway
  • Part 12- Trusses
  • Part 13- Trusses Are Up
  • Part 14- Metal Started on Roof
  • Part 15- Roof and Concrete Wainscoting
  • Part 16- More Carved Concrete and Pine Log Entry gets installed  
  • Part 17- Concrete gets stained, doors installed and grouted, still working on getting us closed up.  
  • Part 18- Framing interior walls.
  • Part 19-Miscellaneous projects
  • Part 20- Electrical has begun.
So exciting to see things coming together, before you know it we'll be opening The Chirping Frog; an antique, collectibles, vintage, home decor, furniture, artisan wares and more shopping mall.  I'm also planning to host classes in a variety of great topics.  Can't wait to get this place up and running!

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  1. Oh my gosh....looks like you guys have your hands full. Have fun.


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