Thursday, May 28, 2015

Our First Project Of The Season

When I left you last, the new deck was almost ready for decking.  Now, the decking is on and it looks fabulous.  Hubby is doing a great job!

We had a couple days of rain where he really couldn't work outside too much so he spent that time planning and prepping.  He planned the decking out on paper and got much of the cutting done and laid out in the garage. 

We are using IPE Wood for the decking material.  It is a really hard wood and lasts much longer than other decking materials, and the best part, I don't have to stain/seal it every year.  That was a major selling point for me. 
The Cedar posts are here as well and the rebar for the railing. 
 It has been quite the adventure and we're at the final stage, can't wait to see the railings go up.  Hubby is working on the water dispersal system as well, it'll be metal but not sure if we're going to let it rust or have it coated?  We both like the rusted, aged metal look but there is going to be an overhang and not sure we want it dripping onto the concrete patio below.  Not sure what he'll decide on that one.

This area underneath is where an outdoor kitchen will eventually go.  That's going to be a fun project too.  Not sure when that'll get started?
Stay tuned!  Railings and water dispersal are coming up next.

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