Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jewelry Fun

It seems like its been forever since I've found some time to work on Jewelry.  I have sold quite a few pieces up at Pinkie and really need to get some new selections made. 

Well, I didn't get any completed (my car is in the shop along with all my jewelry making tools) but I got a great start on a handful of bracelets.  Hoping to make some earrings  as soon as I get my supplies back and maybe even a necklace or two. 

What a productive workday (Pinkie was only busy in the morning and again right before close in the afternoon, so the middle of the day was playtime).  Here's a peek at a variety of bracelets I was able to  work on:

First, I fell in love with these gorgeous, iridescent glass beads.  Mainly red but swirled with touches of dark blue/black and creams.  Beautiful.  One of my favorite accents beads (which you'll see a lot) are the square mother of pearls.  I love them.  I also used a small black, flat spacer. 
 I wish I could find the tag on these oval brown and cream speckled beads.  I fell in love with them but have no idea what they are,  beautiful though! (Does anybody know what they might be?).  I used the same accent beads as before (mother of pearl squares and black, skinny spacers).  I really wanted this one to be multi-stranded until I put it around my wrist.  Looks great just how it is.
 I love multi-strand bracelets.  This one is composed of rough AB Quartz in a gorgeous orange color with pretty striated glass beads for the accompanying strands.  Can't wait to put it all together.
 These beads caught my eye from across the room, they're ceramic and I call them my giraffe beads, for obvious reasons.  I love them and can't wait to get my tools back so I can make some earrings as well.  I'll still have a couple left from the strand to use as accent beads in a necklace.  I hope I find them again.
Labradorite, oh how I love thee!  Again, fell in love with these as soon as I saw them and had to have them.  Rough hewn with polished edges.  They are the most beautiful greenish hue.  Paired with a stone rondell in shades of blue/green and white turquoise spacers. 
 I also have a fondness for coral.  Who am I kidding, I love it!  Bead N Button is coming to Milwaukee the first of June, mom and I are planning on attending and I'm really hoping to find more of it. 
 Bought these years ago when I first started making jewelry on Etsy.  They've sat in the package for years.  Thought they'd make a great multi-strand bracelet just how they are.  I used white turquoise on the ends.  Can't wait to put this one together, it is so cute when held around my wrist.
As you can see, I had loads of fun messing around with beads yesterday.  Really hope over the next couple weeks to be able to finish everything up and make some coordinating pieces. 
What have you been working on lately?  Anything fun (I hope so).  Feel free to share in the comments, inspire us!

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