Saturday, May 9, 2015

Furniture Projects Coming Soon

I have a backlog of furniture projects to work on that have been sitting around for far too long while I work on other things.  It's time to get busy and clear out my stash so I can buy more, it is garage sale season afterall. 
Here's a look at the pieces I'll be working on and what I'd like to do with them:
This great end table is in really good shape with some problem areas on the top.  I am considering doing some tile work by adding trim-work around the edges but I'm not going to paint it, I might sand it down a bit and add some touches of distressing but the finish looks really good. 
This is a perfect piece to become a "dog bed" since the inside is just one large open space.  Still thinking about that one.  Another great option would be to decoupage a piece of decorative paper onto the top surface.  My goal is to funk it up just a little bit without painting the entire piece and use things I already have sitting around from previous projects. 
This is another great end table I picked up recently.  I am definately going to paint this one.  The finish is rough on top while the rest of the piece looks to be in great shape.  I love the rustic nature of it and even like the finish but the qualities of the wood and shape of those legs, it's going to take paint beautifully, so paint it is!  What color is still up in the air.
This piece I really love.  It's a vintage hutch I found at Salvation Army nearly 15 years ago.  I used it in previous homes and again when we built our current home.  The top has always had some issues but I just put a narrow mirror over the top and that hid any of it's imperfections, for the meantime anyhow.  A few years back my grandmother moved in with us and she gave me her dining room set so I no longer had room for this piece.  It found it's way out to the shed and just recently I brought it inside.  The shed was not a good idea!

Also, when we moved it the last time, a leg got broken.  I never fixed it I just propped it underneath and filled the cabinet.  It did fine for a while but don't touch the cabinet, please!  Anyhow, here it is awaiting its make-over.  I've taken the doors off  (they were covered in mold and no matter how I tried to clean them they just look awful).  The drawers are set aside, but look at how bad the wood is.  All along the bottom here and also the top is just ucky. 

I have a plan for this piece to turn it into a bench with all that glorious storage underneath.  It'd make a great entry bench with shoe storage and a cushion on top.  I would have loved to paint the top and leave the rest wood but with our shed storage debacle I've decided I'm just going to paint it and be done with it.  I am really excited about giving this piece a new life and can't wait to get moving on it.
Here's the doors.  I also have a plan for them.  It'll be another project of it's own, using a poster I purchased a while back ago.  It's perfect!
Lastly, my beautiful bench I purchased from a friend who was cleaning out.  I have always wanted a church pew and this one is really wonderful, although quite rough and in need of some TLC.
 Its in desperate need of a good sanding.  Until that's done I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with it.  I might simply add some stain and be done with it or I might do a wash with paint.  I'm leaning towards a wash just because of where I want to use it and I'd like a little splash of color in that location.  We'll see.  If it sands out nicely I'll probably leave it alone and add color with a cushion.

It bows quite a bit in the center.  I am planning to construct a simple box system to put underneath for added support and some storage.  It's going to be beautiful when it's done and give me much needed seating when we have company.
Are you currently working on any furniture projects.  Feel free to share, inspire us! 

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