Monday, May 18, 2015

My Weekend Fun

The Stepping Stone Mosaic Pathway has finally begun.  I am so excited to get to work on this project.  Between periods of rain Saturday I was able to edge it in and am hoping to dig it out over the next couple weeks (maybe sooner if I can bribe my son to help). 
 All I can say is, "thank goodness for rain"!  About the time I got this done and took a break, it poured, the timing couldn't have been better.  I'm not sure my body could of handled too much more.
 The dog is Marley, one of the neighbor's dogs who spends much of her free time hanging out over here, she's helping!

I love a meandering path, obviously.  Between the trees is going to be a little bit of a problem but that's where I want the path so I'm making it work.  It might have to be slightly narrower than originally planned. 

This is the end of the path closest to the house.  This circle will have some kind of "artwork" in the center with a circle of lavender with the arborvitae at the "corners".  (Yes, yes, I know, a circle doesn't have corners.  I told you it's a work in progress, it'll all come together in the end).
 These are the other two pups that spend time visiting me whenever they are loose.  Minnie and Max, also the neighbor's dogs.   The bottle fence I've shared with you in a previous post I'm hoping to install at the entrance to a short path leading into this circle.  The path continues on the other side to another circle that will eventually, when it grows in, become a willow structure.   Lots more work to do but at least I've got a start!
Sunday, I spent all afternoon shopping for tile with a friend from church who's bathroom we are starting this week.  I just love shopping for tile and putting it all together.  We had such a great time and found some wonderful tiles to work with.  Can't wait to get started.  Here's a peek at what we've got.  You'll have to wait for a future post to see how we're going to use them. 
The small mosaic glass tiles will be an accent wall at the vanity as well as some accenting in the shower.  The white 4x12's are the main tiles run in a running brick pattern and the grey is for the floor.  Originally they were thinking glass subway tiles or the longer version you see here (only glass) for the main tile but wow, talk about expensive.  The white looks really nice with their project and fits their personalities as well for 1/4 the cost.  Leaves more money for the next project.
They are going to be using the space as we remodel so we'll be working in stages.  First thing, the shower.  The plumber has done his part and then some.  He had to pull the old shower surround, rearrange a vent, pull the water from the right wall into the left, tear out the right wall making it a half wall, set the basin and get me some durock on the walls.  It's almost ready for tiling.  I have a small piece he forgot and then I'll be ready to rock and roll.  I cannot wait to get moving on this, it's going to be gorgeous when all is said and done. 
Hope you had a productive weekend, whether relaxing and enjoying some sunshine or working on your latest project, both productive in their own way.  Have a great week!

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