Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May in My Gardens

This is such a great time of year, I love clearing out the beds and seeing how things are doing, taking an inventory of what needs to be done (it's usually a fairly long list) and watching everything come back to life.  It always amazes me how quickly the beds go from scraggly winter debris to full and fantastic spring growth. 

Here's a peek into the many different areas of my yard and what's happening this spring.

Those gorgeous purple blooms blow me away every year.  Yes, I planted a locust tree in my landscaping.  I have been told by many what a stupid thing that was to do but those blooms take away any doubts every spring.  I'll deal with the negatives if I can have blooms like that!
Right now the lilacs are blooming and the smell is heavenly.  I've got windows open and am loving every second of it. 

 Hubby got my fountain put back together but we haven't gotten it turned on yet.  Another job this spring is to paint the front door.  I'm thinking a bold color is in order, not sure yet but a beautiful shade of turquoise might just win out.
 Coneflowers are ready to roll.  This is a newer variety that just got planted last year.  Hoping they take off and do some filling in this season.
 My poor little variegated Wiegela's don't get enough sun here.  I need to cut a few limbs off surrounding trees to let more sunshine in.  They bloom, just rather wimpy.  I love the leaves, the touches of pink/purple are beautiful.
 The last of the magnolia blooms.  This is their second year and they bloomed beautifully this year.  I was told this particular species has a tendency to bloom twice in one season.  Wouldn't that be grand?
 Japanese maple with Shasta Daisies all to one side.  When they are blooming it's just spectacular.  Can't hardly wait!
 These little creepy crawlies are everywhere this year.  I have always had a few but they've eaten half the purple cone-flower leaves in this bed already and are working on these now.  They gotta go. 
My favorite bush of all time (well, one of anyhow), Japanese Dappled Willows.  I pruned these once already this season (not even a month ago) and look at how full and beautiful they are.  Time to chop at them again.
 This is a portion of the front flowerbed with the three berms that is a continual work in progress.  I am standing at the willows in the front berm at the drive.  You can see the right berm in the background and a seating area.  There is another berm off to the left (out of the picture).  Most of my work this season will be in this area of the yard.  Hoping to get a walkway put in and get the middle and edging done.  That's probably pushing it for this year but one can dream!
 The far side of the island.  Wiegela's in the background getting ready to bloom.  They are just beautiful when in full bloom.
 Peonies are about ready to pop.  I've got to get in here and clear out some branches from the birch tree.  Too much shade, but they seem happy for now.
 Another view of my fountain.  The bare spots in the front left of the picture by fall will be full of black-eyed susans.  One of my favorites (I sure do say that a lot, can't help it, I love them all).
 The island with my amazing purple locust tree and all the invasive's.  When people warn you against planting certain plants and call them "invasive", this is what they're talking about.  There's multiple knock-out roses in this photo, can you see them?  Neither can I and I know where they're at.  At this point it's easier to remove them and plant them somewhere else than try to keep the crazy growers at bay.  Yep, invasive's.  I have a love/hate relationship with them. 

 I bought 14 of these little Azalea's years ago for $2 each.  They are very slow growers but are blooming beautifully.  Some have been choked out (did I mention that I like invasive growers quite a bit) so I need to get them moved.  Thank goodness I have plenty of space around here.

How is your landscaping looking?  Do you have a long to-do list started as well?  I so enjoy all the time spent playing in the dirt and creating my gardens.  Lots of maintenance, but I wouldn't have it any other way! 

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