Monday, May 4, 2015

Dreaded Drop Ceiling Tiles

Recently while looking at houses as potential rental properties I noticed every single one of them had drop ceilings.  Ugh!  Must have been the "in" thing to do at the time.

Years ago I helped a friend re-do a classroom at her church. We had a blast working on it. My favorite part was the ceiling. They had the typical drop ceiling that we all know and love (ha ha). We opted to paint them bold colors, and they turned out great.

Here's the before:  boring, white ceiling tiles.

We did a paint treatment with some metallic on the walls and added an assortment of gorgeous colors to the ceiling tiles.

After:  lots of fun colors perfect for a kids classroom. I am going to be painting another ceiling here soon in black, can't wait to get started. A checkerboard would look great too. What about stenciling? So many colors and designs to help make an ordinary, boring drop ceiling extraordinary.
Have you done anything to help liven up your drop ceiling tiles?  Inspire us!


  1. To have some drop tiles for the ceilings seem like they are nice to have. Something that is interesting is to think about all the different uses that can be done to ensure that they are properly maintained. There was a warehouse that I cleaned that was not maintained and there was a dead bird in the ceiling tile. Hopefully this will be a great addition to help those who are struggling with making the most out of their warehouse looks. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ugh! What a lovely re-do you left here for us. My eyes got charmed and filled with pleasant feelings. Also got the great color combination idea. This is absolutely perfect and ideal arrangement for the kid's classroom. Again this is not less fun loving. I like the metallic touch and the Ceiling tiles. Perhaps, I should drop a cordial thanks to your before leaving. Love it very much.


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