Saturday, May 2, 2015

Featured Artisan- Gary Hovey and his Beautiful Sculptures
If you have never seen his work this one is an absolute must, amazing artwork made from silverware!  Yep, you heard me right, silverware!

Here is the link to his website:  All photos were found on Pinterest and can be found on my board with other work from past Featured Artisans.:  For even more of his beautiful sculptures do a Pinterest search for "Gary Hovey" or simply visit his site.  You will be so inspired by what you see!

Mr. Hovey started his adventure with this form of art after being diagnosed with Parkinson's, despite the physical limitations that come along with the disease he perseveres and creates gorgeous sculptures that will inspire and brighten your day.

On a personal note, my grandfather dealt with Parkinson's for at least 20 years before the good Lord took him home (miss ya Grampy), and it is truly amazing the beautiful pieces that Mr. Hovey has done.  Grandpa messed around with copper sheeting, making models of cars and trains, bugs, owls and the like.  As the years passed his ability to work with such small pieces became nearly impossible and he moved on to a variety of other hobbies.  I kept some of his later works, they are priceless to me. 

I hope Mr. Hovey is able to keep up his artwork for a very long time, and when the time ever comes where he has to put his silverware and torch down, he'll pick up somewhere else with another, beautiful form of artwork, just like Grampy did.  His work is truly an inspiration to me and I admire his courage and determination to keep on keepin' on while dealing with a disease like Parkinson's. 

I plan to keep update on any art shows or tours that might be in my area, I'd love to see his work in person.  What do you think of his work?

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