Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tiling is Underway, Yeah!

Today, if all goes well, will be my last day tiling in the shower.  We can then get the glass surround people in for some measurements and get the shower up and running.  Not sure if the floor is next or the vanity area, but for now, let's just concentrate on the shower.

Here's a reminder of what I started with:

First step, a friend of the family who's a plumber came in and demo'd the wall on the right into a half-wall, removing the shower plumbing and running it into the left wall.  He also had to deal with a vent that ran through the end of the wall out in the room.  Done! 
He placed the shower basin and prepped with Durock.  Now it's my turn.
Tile shopping is so much fun.  There are so many great tiles to choose from and I love putting it all together and coming up with a design.  We shopped only box stores (we took a look at a high end tile shop but wowzer, gorgeous stuff but really expensive!)
The mosaic tile is a "knock-off" of an expensive tile that we really loved, but half the price.  This one will look great.  After our day of shopping I got a call that they'd like to incorporate the expensive in the shower only and still use this one everywhere else we had planned.  Not a problem, they should blend together nicely since they won't be right next to one another.
 Here are a couple layouts I was playing with to decide what I wanted to do.  I really thought I'd love the right picture using full tiles but I also want three stripes and the proportions are all off to do that.  So, second attempt (on the left) with slightly more than half a tile for the accent it is.  Perfect!  It's going to look fabulous!

First step is to mud and tape the seams as well as the screw holes in the durock.  I've also got a board at the bottom, one tile up, as a support.  The bottom row will go on later.
 Day one:
  Feel like I got nothing done, lots of prepwork.
 Day two:
  I only worked about 4 hours today. 
We are now ready Superior Home Products to come in, measure and get working on the glass door and surround  (as well as a countertop).  I was short one mosaic tile to finish up on the right edge and a have a TON of clean-up work to do but at least we can keep the ball rolling.
 One of the many little problems that popped up:  You can't really see this little half wall from the entry and we didn't want to waste the expensive mosaic so we opted to not use it on this wall but I still wanted my tile runs to line up.  So, I went and found a 6x6 and we are using it in place of the mosaic and as a topper.  It'll also run along the outer edge of the wall (finished edges on both sides so it'll finish it off nicely, without spending the extra money for corners, why spend it if you don't have to?)
If you could tile your dream shower what would it look like?

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  1. We’ve been stumbling around the internet and found your blog along the way.

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